3 Problems Caused by Low Forklift Hydraulic Oil Levels


Forklifts are often used at warehouses and distribution centers to handle products and materials. They are central to supply chain management. Forklift cylinders control the movement of the lift on a forklift. Maintaining forklift hydraulic oil levels is essential to keeping cylinders working. Read more below to learn about three problems caused by low forklift hydraulic oil levels and ways to address them. Forklift Hydraulic Oil All forklifts operate with hydraulic fluids and cylinders. If a hydraulic cylinder is not working properly, the problem could be low hydraulic fluid levels. Forklift hydraulic fluid is also called forklift hydraulic oil. The oil [...]

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3 Signs You need to Replace Your Forklift Tires


Are you one of the 30.2 million small businesses that are in operation today? If so, you may have a forklift that you depend on to move inventory or parts. But if your forklift's tires are in bad shape or nearing the end of their usable life, your forklift won't be as safe or productive. That's why you need to be vigilant. Read on to learn the 3 signs that you need to replace your forklift tires! 1. Check the Wear Line One of the easiest ways to assess your forklift's tires is to look at the wear line. This is [...]

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Forklift Injuries: How to Avoid Warehouse Accidents


Forklift-related incidents claimed the lives of 614 workers between 2011 and 2017, while more than 7,000 non-fatal forklift injuries requiring time off the job occurred each year.  A well-trained operator can reduce forklift accidents. Forklift operators should train in the safe operation and maintenance of their equipment. Here are a few warehouse safety tips to keep forklift operators safe. To Ensure Forklift Safety, Keep the Machine in Good Working Order Check to see that the forklift is in good shape. This means checking a list of items including the brakes, steering system, horn/lights, load backrest extensions, overhead guard, and mast if it has [...]

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What Is the Best Forklift Battery Charger and Charging Solution?


Do you need a new forklift battery charger? Choosing the right one can keep your business productive, profitable, and efficient. Choosing the wrong one can lead to wasted time and money as you wait around for a battery to charge. So, how do you know which charger is right for you? In the guide below, we'll look at forklift batteries and common charging patterns to help you determine which forklift charger is best. The Right Forklift Batteries Before choosing the right forklift battery charger, you need to choose the right forklift battery. It's generally best to buy forklift batteries from the same company you bought the forklift from [...]

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Forklift Maintenance: Your Guide to Mitsubishi Forklift Parts


Do you use Mitsubishi forklifts in your business? The global market for lift trucks will reach $72.9 billion by 2026. With the increasing demand comes the need for top-notch forklift maintenance. No maintenance plan is complete without quality parts. What are the essential Mitsubishi forklift parts you need to maintain? Continue reading below for a Mitsubishi forklift maintenance guide. The Forks One way of maximizing the benefits of Mitsubishi forklifts is to keep the forks in excellent shape. They work by taking on the heavy-lifting chores. Over time, extensive lifting of heavy items may cause the forks to bend. Check the shape of [...]

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5 Most Reliable Forklifts to Buy For Warehousing and Storage


When you are looking for forklifts to buy, the foremost question in your mind is, which forklift will be the best fit for your warehouse operations. The next question you should be thinking about is which manufacturers can you trust? Because a forklift isn't just a piece of equipment, it is an investment into your business. When picking a forklift for your business, taking a look at how the top forklift manufacturers are doing is crucial in picking a forklift that you can continue to use in the future and still get the quality maintenance your business deserves. Who are the [...]

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