A Beginner’s Guide to Forklift Battery Maintenance


Data has shown that the average forklift only has a lifespan of 8 years. This is if it has gone through repairs and maintenance as necessary to keep it in top-notch condition. Forklift battery maintenance is very important in keeping this piece of equipment functional. There are certain steps that you should take to make sure your forklift batteries stay in good condition. Making sure your forklift parts are working can also prevent injuries. A forklift that is not in good condition can become quite dangerous to operate. Keep reading to find out more about forklift battery maintenance and forklift repair. [...]

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4 Questions to Ask When Hiring Forklift Repair Services


There are over three million warehousing businesses in the USA. If you manage one of these businesses, you likely rely heavily on forklifts. Forklift repair is an important element of forklift ownership. Even if you have the best model in the world, eventually it will require some kind of maintenance. Before you hire a forklift repair company, there are a few things you should know. Read on to learn these questions; you should ask a forklift repair company. 1. What Kind of Training Do Your Workers Have? Forklift repair can be complex. There are a lot of different ways a forklift can [...]

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An Overview of the Different Types of Forklifts


Got heavy loads to move at your construction site or warehouse? Fortunately, forklifts can get the job done and spare your back in the process. With a weight of 9,000 pounds on average and a lifting capacity of 1.5-2 times the weight, a forklift is an indispensable helping hand to have at every job site. The question is, which types of forklifts are the best options for your needs? Here's a rundown on several forklift options to choose from. Let's dig in! Common Types of Forklifts Include Warehouse Forklifts Warehouse forklifts are among the most commonly used types of these machines. They [...]

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5 Benefits of Using a Rental Forklift


Forklifts last for five years on average. This equals about 10,000 hours of service. You can use this as a rule of thumb to tell when you need a new forklift.  However, if you have a rental forklift, you don't have to worry about these numbers. This is just one of the benefits of renting a forklift. Read on and you'll learn about five other benefits.  1. Try Out Many Forklift Options It can be difficult to know which forklift options are best for your business. You'll likely only realize that products from certain forklift brands are unsuitable once you've been [...]

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The Benefits of Owning a Forklift


Did you know that 70% of entrepreneurs start their businesses with less than $25,000 in capital? With little money, it's difficult to get a business off of the ground, especially if you require heavy equipment. You might be looking into rental options to save money, but there are benefits of ownership. Keep reading to learn the advantages of owning a forklift. Customizable Equipment Owning a forklift means being able to customize equipment to fit the needs of your business. In contrast, when you rent a forklift, you only receive the features that the rental company provides. If your company does a [...]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Forklift in Nashville, TN


In the United States, over 800,000 forklifts are being used in various industries. If you have a business that could use a forklift, you don’t need to buy one. You can rent a forklift instead of buying, which has several benefits. Why should you rent a forklift, and what benefits are there? Let’s break down why you should consider renting a forklift for your business: 1. When You Need It For some businesses, a forklift can be helpful but isn’t always needed. In this case, it doesn’t make sense to make a big purchase. Not only are forklifts expensive, but once you [...]

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5 Maintenance Tips To Help Extend the Lift of Your Forklift


When you own heavy equipment it is always a struggle to keep it in good shape. Maintenance tips are essential for vehicles that are deeply ingrained in your business. You want to know that these lifts will last you for years.  If your business handles these types of services, it's time to consider forklift maintenance. You want to keep these vehicles in the best of shape for all of your workers.  Let's take a look at some of the maintenance tips you can take for the best possible longevity of your forklift.  1. Don’t Settle For Less When it comes to parts [...]

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How Often Should You Service Your Forklift


A forklift is a critical piece of equipment for any business that relies on lifting and moving heavy objects. The average cost of a brand new forklift can cost a company anywhere between $25000 and $75000. So keeping it in good working condition is essential. Properly maintaining and servicing your forklift is how you extend its lifespan. But how often should you service your forklift, and what kind of maintenance does it need? If you're looking to understand forklift maintenance, read on to learn more. How Often Should You Service Your Forklift? The frequency of servicing depends on how much you [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Forklift?


Forklifts. They can be key to getting your shipments out quickly and keeping your factory organized. There are plenty to choose from in the United States, with over 850,000 forklifts in operation. Now, this piece of equipment can be an expensive investment. This is especially the case for those that only need a forklift temporarily. For this reason, you may want to rent a forklift. How much does it cost to rent? What are the benefits of renting? This is your guide. Strength of Forklift The first thing you have to consider is how strong you need your forklift to be. Forklifts come in [...]

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3 Problems Caused by Low Forklift Hydraulic Oil Levels


Forklifts are often used at warehouses and distribution centers to handle products and materials. They are central to supply chain management. Forklift cylinders control the movement of the lift on a forklift. Maintaining forklift hydraulic oil levels is essential to keeping cylinders working. Read more below to learn about three problems caused by low forklift hydraulic oil levels and ways to address them. Forklift Hydraulic Oil All forklifts operate with hydraulic fluids and cylinders. If a hydraulic cylinder is not working properly, the problem could be low hydraulic fluid levels. Forklift hydraulic fluid is also called forklift hydraulic oil. The oil [...]

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