Electric Cushion Forklift 3,000-6,500lbs

Electric Cushion Forklift 3,000-6,500lbs

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The entire truck is small and flexible, with compact design. The orthodrome, streamline, and surface modeling that are popular in the world are applied, rendering elegant and aesthetic appearance, and stronger streamlining.

High Efficiency

1.Several speed modes are provided to accommodate different working conditions.

2.High-power oil pump motor and large displacement gear pump are applied to increase lifting and lowering speed, and improve working efficiency.

3.Regenerative braking system can save electric energy effectively and increase hours of use for single battery charging.


1.With steering wheel that is designed based on ergonomics with dip angle adjustable, and the driver seat that can be adjusted within 5.9″ forward and
backward, the operator can choose the best driving position.
2.The integral rubber & plastic pedal pad allows the operator to get on and off the truck comfortably and safely.

3.The LCD color monitor Electrical Forklift display allows the operator to easily and efficiently control the machine. The monitor provides information about speed level, steer angle & travel direction, battery discharge indicator, hour meter & working mode. The operator can select various performance modes to meet all working conditions.

4.Silent, low-vibration, and comfortable seat offers the operator a comfortable working environment.

Easy Maintenance

1.Tool-free removal of baseplate enables easy service and maintenance of various systems.

2.Brake fluid can be added very conveniently by opening the shield cover and oil tank cover.


1.Motor controller, contactor, battery socket, and other main electric elements are all well known brands.
2.Efficient running control system of high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller guarantees smooth and accurate control on running and lifting, and superior speed regulation performance, with regenerative braking, reverse braking, anti-slipping on slope and other functions.