Electric Stock Picker 1,100lbs

Electric Stock Picker 1,100lbs

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The truck has a comprehensive safety protection system, excellent
ergonomics and advanced control system. Reliable and stable, comfortable
and safe, with excellent performance, it supports productive and safe work in
busy,confined spaces where workers move short and long distance.
It’s also proven in environments where small loads are handled in receiving,
shipping and put-away,such as retail and manufacturing application.
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1.With AC traction motor, it has excellent acceleration performance, good climbing performance, low heat generation, no carbon brush and is maintenance-free.

2.CURTIS system provides precise, smooth and efficient control.


1.The truck is designed for smooth elevation and stable reach when lifting and placing loads, reducing operator fatigue.

2.The soft landing and lift top buffering can improve comfort dramatically.


1.The AC motor has no carbon brush and is maintenance-free, which greatly saves the cost.

2.The intuitive display offers remaining power, advanced diagnostics and timing for safe, reliable performance.


1.The frame is made of high-strength steel plate and has a long service life.

2.All wires and cables are reliably protected, greatly improving the reliability of the electrical system.


1.The low mast provides the operator perfect visibility for safety.

2.Speed control at corner ensures smooth and safe operation.

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