Electric Tow Tractor 4,500/9,000/13,500lbs

Electric Tow Tractor 4,500/9,000/13,500lbs

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As for A series of tractors, the advanced AC drive
control technology is adopted for the complete tractor.
The tractor has excellent performance, can be operated
comfortably, is safe and reliable, has low maintenance
cost and is the high-efficiency tool for resolving material
transport among different zones for the workshops,
flow lines and large factories.
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1.The professional appearance industrial design is adopted. The complete tractor has smooth lines, presents the dynamics. The ergonomics is fully considered to meet the latest appearance design fashion.

2.The steel plate stamping and injection moulding technology is used extensively, the tractor is firm and durable and can meet the environmental protection requirements.

High performance

1.For the stand-up driving tractor, the electronic power steering is taken as the standard configuration to achieve easier and more flexible operation and control.

2.The AC traction motor features excellent acceleration performance, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission, and is brushless, and maintenance-free.

3.The advanced AC control system realizes accurate and stable control, and higher efficiency.

4.The CANBUS bus structure makes communication of the entire machine faster and more reliable.


1.LED headlight is taken as the standard configuration; the headlight has good appearance and offers bright light.

2.Multifunctional instrument is taken as the standard configuration, has such many functions as speed selection and so on, and can clearly display different information of the tractor.

3.The suspension structure is adopted for the front axle and rear axle to greatly enhance the operator’s comfortability during tractor traveling.

4.USB charging port and mobile phone placement slot are taken as the standard configuration for conveniently charging the mobile phone and providing convenience for the operator.

5.The advancing and retreating buttons are provided at the tail of the tractor body, so that the tractor can be operated to move forward and backward while manipulating the traction device and it does not need to frequently go aboard and get off during operation.


1.The three-support-point and low-gravity-center design is adopted. The high-strength steel plate framed structure is adopted for the chassis. The tractor has long service life.

2.All of wires and cables are provided with reliable protection, and the electrical system reliability is greatly improved.

3.Such important components as switches, connector clips, instruments and so on are imported from foreign countries, and have excellent performance and reliable quality.


1.The brushless, maintenance-free AC motor reduces operation cost significantly.

2.The meter integrating battery indicator, timer, and fault self-diagnosis is convenient for maintenance.

3.The front bottom plate and rear cover plate can be easily dismantled, and such parts and components as braking pump, electric control device, motor and so on can be conveniently maintained.


1.Turning slow down function is taken as the standard configuration to guarantee stable and safe turning of the tractor.

2.The Electrical Park Brake (EPB) is taken as standard configuration to achieve greater convenience and safety.

3.The safety pedal is taken as standard configuration.
The other operations can be made only if the pedal is trampled. In this way, safety is enhanced.

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