Light Duty Electric Pneumatic Forklift With Lithium-ion 4,000-7,000lbs

Light Duty Electric Pneumatic Forklift With Lithium-ion 4,000-7,000lbs

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The XC series new energy electric forklifts, covering range from
4 ,000 to 7,000lbs, is a series of products with new chassis
launched by HANGCHA.
Innovative, reliable lithium-ion technology, which are
developed jointly by HANGCHA and CATL. Battery cells
and modules are from CATL, with reliable quality, exclusively
Rapid charging and opportunity charging ensure continuous
availability of trucks.
Lightweight design, flexible, high level of energy efficiency,
maintenance-free, long service life.
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High capacity Iron phosphate battery packs

Integrated Battery Management System (BMS) continually monitors energy management and ensures reliable operation.
HANGCHA provides Li-Ion battery with 5 years or 10000 hours warranty.

Excellent Ergonomic Design

1.The truck has a large operating space more than 50% larger than the traditional electric truck.
2.The dashboard in the driver’s cab is placed overhead and can be seen when the driver lifts her/his head, and the function buttons
can be pressed easily.
3.For the optional integrated fingertip control system, the combined operating armrest integrates the emergency cut-off, horn and
quadruple thumb switches, etc., is electrically controlled through the CAN bus and is highly reliable.
4.The enlarged brake pedal and appropriate regenerative braking function can effectively reduce the driver’s fatigue.


1.The rear axle is provided with a flexible suspension system (for standard configuration and automatic deceleration at turns improve the driver’s comfort.

2.The high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller ensures smooth and accurate driving and lifting control, and has excellent speed regulation performance, good performance of electronic control matching the motor, functions of regenerative braking, reverse braking and anti-sliding on ramps, etc., and high safety and reliability.

3.The ultra-high power AC traction motor has a bridge structure.

4.An ultra-high power AC pump motor is used. The system has high efficiency, complete protection functions, built-in speed and temperature sensors, and greatly improved reliability and life.

Easy operations and maintenance

1.Internal Components Protected with Fully-sealed Hood, controllers, motors electrical components, etc. are sealed from dust and water.

2.The hood can be opened at a large angle facilitating the maintenance.


1.The optional OPS system can disable the lowering when the driver leaves the seat and enable high safety.

2.The standard configuration provides soft landing system. In addition, an optional lift buffering system is provided to protect the goods from falling and damaging the ground.

3.The handbrake can be optionally equipped with an alarm buzzer to prompt the driver to pull up the handbrake before leaving the truck.

4.A PIN code should be provided before entering the system. 99 sets of PIN codes are available for the administrator. The truck is highly secured and irrelevant personnel cannot start the truck.

Main Accessories

1.The main electrical components such as the controller, contactor, power plug, emergency cut-off switch, dashboard, accelerator, are all products of well-known world brands.

2.The emergency cut-off switch equipped for the standard configuration complies with EU regulations.

3.The truck has passed the CE certification


1.Owing to the low center of gravity and good stability, the driver feels comfortable during turning.

2.The ergonomically designed adjustable steering wheel makes the driver feel good. The seat can be adjusted back and forth by 8.3”. The operator can choose the best driving position.

3.New designed mast increases the wide view by 15%.

4.With friendly human-computer interfaces, the 4.33” True Color Screen instruments have good visibility and clear readings.

5.Silence, no pollution, energy saving and other advantages meet the environmental protection requirements.