Pantograph Reach Truck 3,000-4,500lbs

Pantograph Reach Truck 3,000-4,500lbs

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TRUCKSThe 3,000-4,500 lbs electric forklift with a pantograph is
suitable for operations in narrow aisles and limited spaces.
Featuring a high lift, big load capacity and small turning
radius, as well as advanced performance, easy operations,
high safety and reliability, etc., it is an ideal tool for materials
handling in warehouses, supermarkets or workshops.

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Streamlined surface modelling, a smooth profile of the beautiful and generous truck.


1. With the battery placed at the bottom of the chassis, the truck has good stability.

2. With four-pivot structure, the truck has good stability when performing a high lift.

High Efficiency

1.Thanks to the small turning radius, the truck can operate in narrow aisles.

2.A high-power pump motor is used. The silent gear pump (CONCENTRIC) improve the lifting and lowering speed, as well as its operating efficiency.

3.With several power modes, the truck is adapted to different operating conditions.

4.The brake energy regeneration system provides long working time.


1.The hanging pedal greatly improves the ride comfort and alleviates the operator’s fatigue due to long-time driving.

2.The low pedal enable the operator to get on and off the truck more conveniently and comfortably.

3. A new optimized lifting system enables the operator’s wider
view through the mast and excellent line of sight.

Reliability and Safety

1.The four-pivot structure, low center of gravity and high strength of the main force-bearing components of the frame are appropriate to heavy load conditions.

2.The main electrical components such as the controller, contactor, power plug and emergency cut-off switch are all products of well-known brands.

3.ZF transmission\ SCHABMULLER drive motor and the efficient AC power system can greatly improved reliability and service life.

4.The interlocked control of the steering angle, lifting height and travelling speed enables safer operations.


1.The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free and significantly reduces the maintenance cost.

2.The fully open door enables easy repair, maintenance and tuning.

3.The battery removed from side of the truck enables easy repair and maintenance.

4.The controller and electrical components are placed together and highly integrated.


1.Instead of a traditional handbrake, EPB (Electric Parking Brake) is used to realize the intelligent braking.

2.The high lifting and lowering speeds provides high efficiency.

3.The suspension system and hanging pedals improve operating comfort.

4.The integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic control realizes the step less speed regulation of the truck travelling and the fork movement, more precisely and stably.

5.With efficient and precise adjustment performance, the newly equipped AC control system supports longer working time.

6.The large-screen LCD display with fault self-diagnosis functions can accurately display information in harsh environments.

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