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Our 59″ variable speed overhead fan is our Big Bad Boy for large areas!

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The SD5V industrial fan is built for large areas that need massive airflow. With a totally-enclosed 1.5 HP TEFC motor and a wall mounted speed control, and is built to last for years in extreme conditions. The variable speed feature allows you to adjust the airflow for different seasons, including winter when you can run it on a slow setting to stir the warmer air from the ceiling or minimize floor sweating. Needs to hang at least 10’ from the floor, and at least 3’ from the ceiling. The ideal hanging height is about 18 to 30 feet high, which gives a nice breeze over a large floor area. For production lines, hang this industrial fan in series at about a 30-degree angle to blow from a fresh air source at one end to the exhaust end at the other, with each fan about 60 feet apart.