Slab Scissor Lifts

Slab Scissor Lifts

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HANGCHA self-propelled electric scissor lifts are the high
ecient,safe and ideal solution for modern industry.
Ideal for maneuvering in tight Spaces,they’re excellent for
indoor and outdoor application,all the functions, lifting,
lowing, steering, forward and backward are under operator’s control.
Easy maintenance and service after opening the battery cover,
all key parts are easy access. With low noise level, and high
reliability, HANGCHA self-propelled electric scissor lifts are
always your best partner.
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1.The proportional control system:Control the speed Of Traveling and lifting as you need.

2.Control box:This box is including the function Of Traveling and lifting, when you use the joystick, you can Operate the machine With only one hand.

3.Self-leveling sensor. When the degree is more than 1.5°(width direction)/3°(lengthwise direction), it will alarm.

4.LED display: Easy for maintenance.

5.Steering system. The turning radius is small,it can work In the narrow space.

6.Extension deck: You can reach the working place by the Extended platform.

7.Reasonable arrangement: All the parts of hydraulic system and electric system are located In the side doors, convenient to repair.

8.Safety: Alloy steel axis, to make sure the safety, reliable and efficient.

9.Internal charger: You can charge the battery directly, do not need to remove it from machine.

10.Hydrostatic transmission: Using hydrostatic transmission system technology.


Stations, dock, airport, power station, gym, big company ect.

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