Walkie Reach Stacker 3,000lbs

Walkie Reach Stacker 3,000lbs

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The Walkie Reach, Straddle, or Counterbalance Stacker series can
handle dock-to-stock and everything in between. The Hangcha Walkie
Stacker product’s advantageous head-length and multi-function,
control handle with EPS (Electric Power Steering) system gives you
incredible load handling control with excellent maneuverability. The
standard creep speed feature can take your operator’s materials
handling capabilities to their full potential.
The Walkie Stacker series can match your most demanding operational


High Performance

1.Standard configuration of EPS ( Electric Power Steering) offers easier and more flexible operation.

2.The AC travel motor features excellent acceleration performance, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission, and is brushless, and maintenance-free.

3.The latest CURTIS AC control system realizes accurate and stable control, and higher efficiency.

4.The CANBUS bus structure makes communication of the entire machine faster and more reliable.

5.Regenerative brake of the truck prevents it from sliding on a slope.

6.Tiller, switches, plug connectors, meters, and other important parts are all of top brands in the world, with excellent performance and reliable quality.

7.Standard configuration of fork backward and forward tilt function, and load backrest realize safer loading and unloading of goods.


1.The brushless, maintenance-free AC motor reduces operation cost significantly.

2.The meter integrating battery indicator, timer, and fault self-diagnosis is convenient for maintenance.

3.Back cover can be opened fully, and all components and parts are clear at a glance, which is very convenient for maintenance of the entire machine.


1.Three-support-point and low-gravity-center design and the high-strength steel plate framed structure feature large residual load bearing capacity, and long service life.

2.All wires and cables have reliable protection, which increases reliability of electrical system significantly.

3.Non-contact proximity switch features long service life and reliable operation.

4.Power plug is fastened to truck body, which can avoid damage of plug due to impact when battery is lifted for installation


1.The function of lowering speed automatically as steering angle increases is a standard configuration.

2.Three types of braking function – release braking, reverse braking, and emergency braking – can ensure safety of traveling.

3.Anti-sliding function on slope can ensure safety of operation.

4.The emergency reversing button at top of the tiller can avoid the driver from injury effectively in case of emergency during backward driving of the truck.

5.The function of intelligent declining buffer reduces lowering speed automatically when the fork is lowered to a height less than 3.9” from ground, which provides effective protection for goods.


1.All movements of the fork can be regulated with stepless speed, with more accurate operation and control, and more stable handling of goods.

2.Imported tiller has beautiful appearance, and function buttons for comfortable operation.

3.The standard configuration of creep speed driving function allows the truck to move at slow speed more conveniently, and can stack goods even in confined space.

4.Compact truck body and large rounded corner design make the truck suitable for operation in narrow space.

5.Battery side roll out can realize easy and fast replacement of battery (optional).

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