It isn’t difficult to recognize a forklift.

After all, it is one of the most common pieces of equipment used in warehouses and construction sites. With its small cab, and the versatile fork used to lift and lower palettes and other objects, the popularity of the industrial forklift is no surprise.

But industrial forklifts have a variety of purposes besides just moving goods from one place to another. From uses in the recycling industry, to construction applications, to good old warehousing, forklifts come in handy in many different ways.

So let’s take a look at three of the most common uses of industrial forklifts in the following article.

1. Recycling

Without question, an industrial forklift is the perfect piece of equipment for recycling centers.

They’re ideal for moving compressed bales of materials from one place to another, as well as dumping loose materials. Plus, rather than pushing the forks underneath material bales, a bale clamp device can make moving baled materials easier. Any good forklift rental or super industrial supply center can provide these add-ons to make recycling a cinch.

2. Construction

Obviously, industrial forklifts are very common on construction sites.

It makes sense, since there are many specialized forklifts on the market for loading and unloading delivery trucks. These can be acquired from many forklift dealers, as well as most forklift rentals and forklift sales centers.

As delivery trucks arrive at a construction site with heavy cargo such as work equipment and building materials, forklifts can make the process of getting the materials where they need to go more efficient and stress-free.

Obviously, moving pallets brick by brick is not as efficient as it might be with forklifts. Employees can load and unload pallets with these machines, which makes the whole process much faster and easier. In addition, forklifts make the work environment more ergonomic, reducing injuries.

3. Warehousing

Forklifts are incredibly popular in the shipping industry, but they are also extensively used in warehouses and distribution centers.

Warehouses and distribution facilities rely on forklifts to move materials efficiently and safely throughout the building. It’s also important to keep products safe and secure during transport. This requires forklifts to load, unload, and transport materials to delivery trucks or storage units in the most efficient, but also safest, possible way.

An industrial forklift is perfectly suited to unloading pallets from delivery trucks, and moving them to warehouse storage racks. When managing forklifts in a warehouse, managers also need to consider the kind of forklift they are purchasing to decide whether it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Luckily, this is just the sort of advice a good forklift service can provide.

Industrial Forklifts: Versatile and Efficient

The industrial forklift has revolutionized the warehousing and logistics industries.

We’ve covered just a few of the more common uses for these versatile machines, but any forklift dealer can easily demonstrate a dozen more. If you’re interested in acquiring an industrial forklift, it’s worth your while to do some research and consult the pros.

Fortunately, at Super Industrial Products, we have just the sort of know-how you need. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, and see how we can help your business succeed.