Having a forklift at your disposal is a real benefit for your business. They can act like a real workhorse helping to speed up movement within your job site.

But maybe you don’t need one all the time. There are many benefits to getting a forklift rental versus purchasing a forklift for your business.

Consider these reasons to rent a forklift. Then what information you need to get the best rental deal.

Rent Versus Buy

There are many reasons to choose to rent a forklift versus making the investment to buy one for your business.


This is an expensive piece of equipment that you might not need all the time. It becomes much more affordable to rent it for the specific times you will need it. The equipment will not be sitting idle when it is not needed.

You can do a rental for a day, week or month depending on your needs.


Most companies using a forklift don’t need them all the time. You may find you have the need for the forklift intermittently. Then it doesn’t make sense to have one all the time, but instead to rent one when it fits your needs.

On the other hand, you may find you need an extra forklift during a peak season or busy time of year.  This is the time to take advantage of an affordable rental and bring one in to help with the busy season.


Another advantage of renting versus buying is maintenance. If the machine breaks down, the rental agency will come in to take care of repairs. If it isn’t a quick fix, they can even swap out the equipment with a working machine.

If a machine breaks down, and sometimes they do, unexpected repairs can be costly. They can also fracture your business budget. Repairs that are at the fault of the machine would be covered by the rental company.

You would be responsible for operational expenses, like fuel. But that would be the case whether you rent or own the equipment.

Not A Capital Investment

If you rent versus buy, you only have the rental and shipping costs. When you buy the equipment, you need to come up with money upfront to make a large purchase. Many businesses, especially small businesses, don’t have the kind of cash flow needed to make a large purchase like buying a forklift.

With a rental, you only cover the costs for the time you need it.

Modern Equipment

Rental companies are constantly rotating their equipment. By using a rental forklift you are getting machines that are new and have regular maintenance done on them.

Forklift Rental For Your Lifting Needs

If you need a forklift for your business, it makes sense to consider a rental. You avoid maintenance, repairs and the cost of an upfront investment.

We can help you get the right forklift for your upcoming job. Call us today at  615-256-0116 for more information on a forklift rental. Or visit our website to learn more about our equipment.