Forklifts were involved in 9,050 workplace accidents in 2017. This high number proves the importance of following safety guidelines. One way to ensure this happens is to make sure each of your operators has a forklift license. 

Read the article below if you need more proof of this license’s usefulness. You will learn about three of the ways your company can benefit from the safety it brings.  

1. Less Risk of Monetary Loss

Operators that have not received forklift training are more likely to make mistakes. These can cause your workers to become injured. When this happens, they may need to take time off to heal.

As a result, you’ll have fewer people on your team. This will lead to a drop in the amount of work that can get done. Thus, you’ll gain fewer profits.

Uncertified workers are also likely to not operate these vehicles properly.

Because of this, they can easily damage your forklifts or products. You will then need to replace these items. In the worst cases, this can cost you a lot of money. 

2. Reduced Turnover Rate

Workers are more likely to stay with a company that cares about their safety. By actively following OSHA requirements, you’ll prove you do. 

If you don’t, accidents are more likely to happen. You may believe that your only penalty for such occurrences will be a monetary loss. This isn’t true. 

Even if the workers themselves incur no injuries, they will notice when accidents occur. The more accidents occur, the more likely they are to leave. 

Another factor to consider here is employee morale. Workers who stay will work less effectively if they feel terrified of or angry at your company. 

3. Lower Lawsuit Risk 

Using an operator that doesn’t have forklift safety training is an example of employer negligence. If an accident occurs in this situation, an injured employee can sue you for this. 

There’s a range of costs a negligent employer must pay in these situations. These can include an employee’s medical expenses and lost present and future wages. These could amount to millions of dollars. 

Your company may survive such a loss. However, it can be quite disheartening to lose the profits you’ve been working hard to gain. Also, you’ll probably have to make cutbacks that can reduce your profits even further. 

An Operator With a Forklift License Secures Your Company’s Future

Operators without a forklift license may be cheaper to hire. Not following safety procedures can save you money as well. Yet, these short-time profits will almost never pay for the future losses that you can incur. 

Another way to make sure that your employees stay safe is to only purchase the highest quality forklift licenses courses. If you purchase from Superior Industrial Products, we guarantee your employees will receive such training.

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