You’ve decided to buy a forklift. Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty and figure out exactly what make, model, and add-ons you want.

Whether you’re a first-timer or replacing an old forklift, here are some questions everyone should ask before buying a forklift.

Should You Buy New or Used?

Now that you’re ready to buy, the next step is to do your research! With all of the different forklift options out there, where should you start?

First, decide if you want a new or used forklift. You can base your decision on expected wear and tear, customization options, and your budget.

Buying a used forklift may make more sense if you’re planning to lift moderate amounts of weight or only operate it part-time.

Be sure to check the maintenance history of any used forklift you consider. Have a mechanic inspect it for unusual amounts of wear and tear, and take it for a test drive.

What Type of Forklift Is Best for the Job?

Next, you should consider which types of forklifts will make sense for the work you do. Will you need a VNA lift that can fit down Very Narrow Aisles? How about electric motors versus gas-powered?

Other things to look at include the maximum height the forklift can reach, brand characteristics, and whether you will need to use the forklift inside or outside.

Costs To Consider When Buying a Forklift

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of forklift you’re looking for, do a cost analysis to help you reach your final decision. Use this cost-oriented list to help guide you.

Maintenance Costs: How much do repairs run? What parts need to be replaced or fixed most often, and what are their prices? How frequently will you need repairs, and what’s the amount you’d pay for a rental vehicle while waiting?

Replacement Part Costs: What parts tend to break? How expensive are they? What is the time frame for having them installed?

Cost of Storage: Where you will store the forklift? Will you need to pay a rental fee for space? Will you have to build a new storage area, or can you use what you already have?

Energy Costs: How much does it cost to pay for fuel? If the forklift is electric, how much does a full charge cost, and how long will it last? Will you need to install any new equipment for charging or fueling the new forklift?

Training Time and Expense: What kind of training is needed for this particular forklift classification? Will the operators need to be trained from scratch? What is the learning curve? How expensive is the instruction?

How We Can Help

If you would like to discuss buying a forklift, new or used, feel free to give us a call or use our website contact form.

We’ll provide all the information you need about the brands, models, and forklift add-ons we keep in stock. Our repair shop can fix almost any forklift issue.

If you’re interested in renting, we do offer a full fleet of forklifts in varying sizes that we can introduce to you.

We also hold training and certification classes in both of our locations. Check out our website for available classes and scheduling options.