A forklift can be a huge boon to your warehouse. It allows you to load and move materials with ease and saves you time and money. Forklifts can also be an expensive headache if you run into a mechanical problem or an improperly trained operator. A forklift failure at the wrong time can cost your business time and money and force your workers to endure difficult manual labor. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. Developing a relationship with a local forklift company and relying on them for parts, maintenance, and training can eliminate many of these headaches.

Here are three serious advantages of contracting a full-service forklift company.

1. Parts and Maintenance

Forklifts are tough machines. But the stress of lifting thousands of pounds each day for months will eventually take its toll on any forklift. Forklift breakdowns happen, and when they do, it’s important to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Contracting with a professional forklift company can help you perform forklift repairs quickly. These companies can also regularly perform forklift maintenance inspections to get ahead of any potential problems.

Forklift companies know their machines and can often identify problems more quickly than other mechanics. If you contract with a forklift company, you can outsource these repairs to their technicians. This saves you the trouble of employing a forklift technician full-time.

2. Equipment Rental

Sometimes temporarily renting a forklift can be a huge help to your warehouse. There may be times when one of your forklifts is being repaired. Or you may have a busy season that requires more equipment and personnel than usual.

You may even be working in a new environment that requires different equipment, such as a large construction site.

A relationship with a professional forklift services company can help you to determine the exact right equipment rental for your needs. And, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that any breakdowns are covered in the rental, and technicians will be on-site as quickly as possible.

3. Driver Training

Contracting a full-service forklift company can also involve training employees to operate forklifts safely and efficiently. Forklift accidents are a common form of workplace injury and affect up to 7,000 workers per year.

Many of these accidents are the result of improperly trained forklift operators. OSHA requires training and certification for all forklift operators, but in practice, this does not always occur.

Our training meets all national safety requirements. It covers many different types of forklifts and material handling.

Finding the Right Forklift Company for You

If you require a high-quality forklift company, contracting with Superior Industrial Products is the perfect solution for your warehouse or other business. We are located in the Nashville and Fort Worth areas and offer a wide range of forklift services.

We offer forklifts for sale or rent, parts and repairs, and additional material handling products. Contact us today to discuss how we can help upgrade your warehouse.