Knowing how to operate a forklift is a serious business. While you don’t need a driver’s license to be allowed to drive a forklift, you need a special certificate or license. Understanding the ins and outs of driving a forklift is important for keeping yourself and everyone around you safe. 

That’s why partnering with the best forklift rental companies is essential. Many forklift rental companies offer similar services. You want to hire the right one that’ll provide you with high-quality equipment. 

This guide will discuss the top three things you need to consider when hiring a forklift company. Protect yourself, your employees, and your inventory by doing research ahead of time. 

1. Ask for Recommendations

Ask your network of friends and colleagues for recommendations on where to rent forklifts. They can give you their account of what it was like to work with that organization. 

You can also search the internet for companies in your area. Make sure you check them on third-party review sites like Yelp or Angi’s List. Previous customers will provide information on what their experience was. 

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential companies, make sure they have the type of forklift services you’re looking for. 

2. Prepare a List of Questions

Picking a forklift rental service is like conducting a job interview. You want to make sure the company is the right fit for your project. Some of the questions you can ask them include:

  • How often do you perform forklift maintenance?
  • What types of forklifts do you have?
  • Can you deliver and pick up the machines?
  • How long can I rent it for?
  • How much do you charge?

The forklift rental company should be happy to answer your questions and give you whatever information you need. They might let you know about special promotions or deals they don’t have listed on their website. If they’re not forthcoming with the details you’re asking about, they might not be the right company for you. 

3. Get a Contract

No matter what type of equipment you’re renting, there should always be a contract. You don’t want there to be confusion about what’s expected of you as the renter. Contracts are a great way to confirm what the forklift rental company will provide you. 

Some of the things that should be included in the contract are:

  • Rental terms
  • Length of rental 
  • Details of the insurance policy 

You should be wary of any forklift rental company that doesn’t provide you with a contract before renting out their equipment. That poses not just a danger to them but to you as well. 

Partner With a Forklift Rental Company 

Renting a forklift is a serious undertaking. You want to ensure you’re investing in the best forklift rental companies in your area. Cutting corners could result in you operating subpar equipment that poses a safety hazard. 

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