Did you know the United States has around 1.5 million forklift operators

This information could be helpful to you as a business owner. The use of forklifts can help your operations run more efficiently and smoother. However, you must work with the right forklift service; otherwise, numerous problems could arise. 

Finding a reputable company to rent a forklift from is vital, but it can be challenging. We have three tips listed below that will help you locate a well-respected forklift business to work with. 

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1. Ask Lots of Questions 

One of the most important things to do before signing a forklift rental contract is to ask a lot of questions. These answers will help you determine if the company is worth working with.

You should ask how long they have been in service and how much experience they have. Everyone who will be operating the forklift must be certified.

Don’t be afraid to ask about their certification. It’s a good idea to confirm that they are telling the truth. 

Take the time to ask about previous jobs they’ve worked. Were there any issues? How were they handled?  

These two questions can tell you a lot about how professionals handle unexpected issues. 

Another topic that you should address is the cost. Forklift sales aren’t cheap, and you’ll need to know how much you’re investing ahead of time. 

2. Look for a Comprehensive Service Package

When hiring a forklift service, look out for comprehensive packages. While you may not need all the services included and may even opt out of a few, you should be aware of all your opinions. 

Before hiring for the service, be sure all your needs are met. For example, will they provide training for your team?

Does the package include emergency support and repairs? This is information you need to know before signing the contract. 

3. Check Reviews and References 

Reviews can tell you a lot about a company and how they operate. However, you shouldn’t make your decision solely on reviews.

Just because someone has had one bad experience doesn’t mean you will too. It’s hard to get the full story through a review. Saying that, if there are multiple bad reviews, it may be best to keep searching. 

The forklift rental company should have references that you can contact. Be sure to follow up and ask them about their experience. 

Hiring a Forklift Service

Hiring a forklift service will help you take your business to the next level. We know finding a forklift company to work with can be stressful, but we hope these tips allow you to move forward confidently. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers and are confident we can help you too. Contact one of our team members here. We are here to assist you if you have questions or want more information.