Forklifts are a vital tool for thousands of businesses in the warehousing and construction industries. Unfortunately, improperly using a forklift can be dangerous. In fact, there are more than 7,000 forklift-related injuries in workplaces every year. 

The good news is that many of these incidents are preventable. Ensuring staff have the proper education and experience in operating the equipment is the best way to do so. 

Below are four benefits of providing hands-on forklift training for your staff. It will give you an idea of how it can improve your workplace, including making it safer. 

1. Increased Safety

As mentioned, the biggest advantage of requiring hands-on forklift training for your staff is safety. One of the ways it does so is by teaching situational awareness of different forklift types and uses. 

Quality in-person forklift training involves simulations of different hazardous circumstances. This lets students learn how to react in real-time. It also helps them how to identify potential dangers and how to avoid them.

In short, people can learn from online or physical materials. But putting that knowledge into practice goes a step further. 

This also aids in meeting all state and federal safety standards. Having a well-trained staff means that your business will be operating in full compliance with OSHA or other regulations. 

2. Better Efficiency

Having adequately trained staff is not only a matter of safety, but one of efficiency as well. Forklift drivers who know how to retrieve and move materials around as quickly as possible (without sacrificing safety) means your operations will hum along at a faster pace. 

This also means better reliability. It can help you anticipate orders better by knowing your staff are capable of fulfilling them with a tight turn-around.

Getting orders out the door fast means you can add more. This could translate to the change to take on more clients or customers. 

3. Cost Savings

Having well-trained staff can also save your company money. Most obviously, increased efficiency means better productivity. But there are other ways it can help your bottom line as well. 

It helps you avoid injuries and the potential for workers’ compensation claims. Likewise, it reduces the chance of lost productivity from injured staff being absent. It also can help your general insurance costs as well. 

4. Benefits Your Staff

Having competent, experienced forklift operators benefits your business in all the ways mentioned above, but it can also translate to happier, more content staff.

A forklift certification gives them a chance to advance their careers by opening up opportunities for them. This in turn means that you can expect more out of them, by giving them the knowledge and experience they need to excel.  

Learn More About Hands-On Forklift Training

Now that you understand the benefits of hands-on forklift training, you can ensure that your staff has all the knowledge and experience necessary. This will help improve efficiency and safety on your job site. 

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