There are over three million warehousing businesses in the USA. If you manage one of these businesses, you likely rely heavily on forklifts. Forklift repair is an important element of forklift ownership. Even if you have the best model in the world, eventually it will require some kind of maintenance.

Before you hire a forklift repair company, there are a few things you should know. Read on to learn these questions; you should ask a forklift repair company.

1. What Kind of Training Do Your Workers Have?

Forklift repair can be complex. There are a lot of different ways a forklift can break down. From mechanical issues to electrical faults, there’s a world of knowledge that’s required to make the right repairs.

That’s why you need to ensure the company you choose has employees with strong credentials. Unqualified technicians may not be able to make the proper repairs, and you could end up out of pocket.

All our technicians have the right certifications and years of experience to get the job done right.

2. What Equipment Do You Use For Repairs?

Some say a workman is only as good as his tools. That’s certainly the case when it comes to forklift repair. Even the world’s most educated and experienced technicians can’t make the right repairs if they aren’t backed up with the proper equipment.

If a company doesn’t have the right equipment, it may not be able to provide the forklift care you need.

We have a 5.000 square foot shop fully equipped with all the latest equipment. From camber jacks to altimeters, we’ve got everything we need to get the job done.

3. Do You Have Testimonials?

Any good forklift company should have a long record of good work behind them. The best way to find out if a company has left behind happy customers is to ask to see testimonials.

Here at Superior Industrial Products, we’re proud of the service we offer to customers. That’s why we have a wide variety of testimonials which you can view on our website.

4. What Other Services do You Offer?

The best forklift companies don’t just offer repairs. They can help you with rentals and other forklift services too. This could include hooking you up with a new forklift.

By working with the same company for different forklift services, you’ll get consistency and know you’re working with people you can trust. We offer all the services you need for the most popular forklift brands.

Get Quality Forklift Repair Today

On the warehouse floor, a forklift is one of the most important tools at your disposal. When it goes wrong, you need fast and efficient repair. So, it’s important you choose the right company.

We offer quality forklift repair, using our years of experience and quality equipment to get you back on track. We also offer rentals, parts, and other forklift services to help your operations run smoothly. Contact Superior Industrial Products today to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you.