Forklifts last for five years on average. This equals about 10,000 hours of service. You can use this as a rule of thumb to tell when you need a new forklift. 

However, if you have a rental forklift, you don’t have to worry about these numbers. This is just one of the benefits of renting a forklift. Read on and you’ll learn about five other benefits. 

1. Try Out Many Forklift Options

It can be difficult to know which forklift options are best for your business. You’ll likely only realize that products from certain forklift brands are unsuitable once you’ve been using them for some time. By then, it may be too late to return the product. 

Luckily, there’s a way you can try out several forklift options before buying any. Most forklift rental companies offer a variety of vehicles from several forklift brands. You can rent different types one after another and learn which are the best. 

2. Dealing With Seasonal Spikes 

Did you buy a new fleet of forklifts in preparation for the busy season? If so, a lot of those vehicles were likely sitting idle after the busy season ended. You may be feeling frustrated about this as you may need that storage for something else. 

There’s a better way to handle forklift needs during the busy season. You can rent forklifts for the busy season and then return them when you’re done. This way, you can use that space for something else. 

3. Worry Less About Forklift Replacement 

Eventually, the forklifts that you purchase will get too old for service. You’ll likely need to get some replacements. The time it takes to get these can take away from your company’s productivity levels. 

If you rent forklifts, you’ll always get ones that are in the best condition. You can also quickly swap out forklifts with the rental company should one forklift need a repair. 

4. Spend Less on Forklift Care 

When you own a forklift, you’re responsible for keeping it efficient. You’ll likely have to spend a lot of money on maintenance and repair because of this. 

If you stick to using rental forklifts, this won’t be an issue. The rental company will handle all of the repair and maintenance services that the forklifts need. 

5. Keep a Good Credit Rating 

When you finance equipment with credit, it can be difficult to finance other business ventures. You can avoid running into this problem by choosing to rent. 

We Can Be Your Go-To Rental Forklift Service 

In sum, using a rental forklift takes a lot of common worries out of your hands. You’ll likely spend a lot less money and won’t need to worry about poor purchases. 

If you’re ready to try a rental forklift service, consider trying ours out first. We’re a full-service forklift company that can fulfill all of your company’s material handling needs. Get a sales, rental, or maintenance estimate ASAP by filling out all the necessary information on this page