As you know, a proper maintenance routine is key for maximizing the lifespan of your forklift. For instance, gentle operating practices and adequate lubrication offset the effects of wear and tear, reducing the frequency of repairs.

However, even well-maintained forklift parts won’t last forever. Replacing these parts as needed is another maintenance step you need to keep up with.

Today, we’re going to help you with this step in particular. The following guide lists the most commonly ordered replacement parts for forklifts.

Below, you’ll learn why these parts need replacing often and the signs of wear and tear to watch out for. This guide covers both IC-powered parts and electric parts. Learn what you need to know about replacing forklift parts by reading this guide.

1. Forks

The forklift part that endures the heaviest use is the fork. For instance, its main function literally involves lifting very heavy loads.

Besides this, it protrudes far in front of the machine, making it very likely to catch on/crash into other objects. Not only is this a leading cause of forklift accidents, but it causes damage to the fork as well. Then, the fork won’t function or balance loads correctly, causing even more accidents.

Check your forks regularly for signs of damage or warping. If you see any such signs, replace the forks.

2. Masts/Chains

The masts and the chains inside are the other parts that handle the heavy lifting. As such, they incur a lot of wear and tear under all this daily strain.

Furthermore, if the chains break while the operator is lifting a heavy load, the load can come crashing down. To prevent injury and death in your workplace, check the masts and chains every day. Replace them if they show any signs of damage at all.

3. Filters

The air filters in your forklift are made to be easily blown out as often as necessary. You need to do this at least once a day, maybe more. 

If you change them too infrequently, or you continue to use them when they are damaged, it can seriously damage your forklift. The same is true of oil filters. So, check/clean the filters regularly and replace them if you notice any damage.

4. Brakes

Obviously, the brakes in any type of machine wear down relatively quickly. Check these daily and replace them as needed. Please note: it’s extremely dangerous to neglect brake maintenance.

5. Tires

Lastly, there is a lot that can happen to the tires. For instance, they can run over something sharp during the course of the workday. Or, they may just wear out.

Obviously, then, they need to be checked and replaced often. If they lose tire pressure, the forklift can become unbalanced and tip over. Thus, tire pressure should be checked every time before operation.

Do You Need Forklift Parts?

To make sure your forklifts last as long as they should, don’t forget what you learned here today. If you haven’t recently, check the condition of these parts in your forklifts right now.

Does it look like they need replacing? If so, we’re here for you. Call us today or fill out our parts form to order the forklift parts you need right away.