When you are looking for forklifts to buy, the foremost question in your mind is, which forklift will be the best fit for your warehouse operations. The next question you should be thinking about is which manufacturers can you trust? Because a forklift isn’t just a piece of equipment, it is an investment into your business.

When picking a forklift for your business, taking a look at how the top forklift manufacturers are doing is crucial in picking a forklift that you can continue to use in the future and still get the quality maintenance your business deserves. Who are the top manufacturers, and what can they provide your business? Well, read on for the five most reliable forklift manufacturers to buy from!

1. Yale

Yale started as a lock company in the 1800s and didn’t produce its first forklift until 1920, but now supply their lifts all over the world. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Yale produces lifts that can handle anywhere from three-thousand five-hundred pounds all the way up to thirty-five thousand pounds. This versatility makes Yale a great choice to purchase your next forklift from.

2. Hyster

Hyster has been around since 1929 and now boasts of serving customers in over 130 countries. One of the most recognizable names in the business, Hyster is constantly rated one of the best manufacturers, with reliable service and a wide array of lifts to choose from. Hyster is a great brand to choose from when looking for low-maintenance and top-performing machines.

3. Bendi

Bendi’s electric forklifts are perfect for transferring heavy loads from your loading dock to your warehouse. Specializing in narrow-aisle forklifts that can come with three or four-stage masts with a carrying capacity that starts at around thirty-five hundred pounds. Areas with a small footprint are exactly where you’d love to have Bendi’s electric forklifts.

4. Toyota

When it comes to brand recognition, there are few more recognizable than Toyota, one of the largest automobile manufacturers out there. The company began producing forklifts over fifty years ago and is one of the key aspects of their business. A great choice when you need financing options and a high-tier maintenance agreement, both of which are strong points for Toyota.

5. Komatsu

Komatsu started in Japan in 1921 but moved to the United States in the 1970s. Highly regarded for its mining equipment and construction machinery, Komatsu brought that quality to its forklift business as well. The company’s KOMTRAX monitoring system is a big draw, as it allows your business to keep track of each machine’s status.

So Many Forklifts to Buy

There are so many options to consider when looking for forklifts to buy, that knowing what each manufacturer excels at is the best option for knowing what forklift manufacturer is best for your company. When your business relies on moving as many items as fast as possible, you need to know the best options available. Always buy from the best!

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