Do you work in a career that involves materials handling and heavy machinery? Or are you running a business that has suffered losses because of forklift accidents?

Experienced forklift operators are crucial for competent, efficient work and above all, safety. Check out these five important reasons for forklift training. 

1. Reduces Accidents and Injury

The number one reason why you need forklift training is safety. Working with heavy machinery without the correct knowledge is dangerous and hazardous, leading to injuries and accidents.

Forklift training gives you all the knowledge you need to ensure the correct safety measures and avoid any harm to yourself and others.

According to the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), around 85 fatal forklift accidents are recorded each year. This is not including the thousands of serious and minor accidents. Forklift safety is crucial for the workplace, and training is necessary to ensure it.

2. Encourages Competency

As an employer, it is in your interest to provide forklift training to employees to promote competency and productivity. As an employee, you can be sure that having the knowledge and confidence to control a forklift properly will help you work more efficiently.

Forklift training ensures that operators feel relaxed and at ease with the equipment which is hugely beneficial.

3. Improved Machinery Lifespan

Much like any piece of machinery, a forklift will be at risk of a shortened lifespan and in need of many repairs if manned by an inexperienced operator.

People with no knowledge of how to control a forklift can damage the machinery through improper maintenance and accidents. In the long run, a lot of money and headaches can be saved if operators undergo heavy machinery training.

Forklifts are not cheap and you don’t want to put an expensive piece of machinery in the hands of an inexperienced operator.

4. Job Security

By doing forklift training, you will become an expert on the equipment. This makes you extremely valuable within your company and not easily replaceable. Investing in a license works towards solidifying your career and professionalism and making your position in the company more secure.

This goes the same for employers. Having knowledgeable employees is critical to running a successful business.

5. Reduces the Risk of Losing Goods

As mentioned above, there are a lot of forklift accidents that occur each year. A lot of the time products and goods are collateral damage in these accidents, getting destroyed or badly damaged. Full forklift training reduces the risk of this by a mile, as an experienced and expert operator is unlikely to get in any accidents.

Forklift Training for Your or Your Employees

There’s no doubt that if your company often employs the use of forklifts, employees should undergo forklift training. This will not only ensure the safety of employees but also preserve the machinery and save on costs in the long run.

At Superior Industrial Products, we offer top-level forklift training from industry professionals These meet all of the OSHA certification requirements. Contact us today for more information.