Imagine this…

it’s the start of another workday when you turn the key and to your surprise, the forklift won’t start. Everything seems to be in working order, but the machine won’t work.

Where do you go? How do you fix it? Here are 5 things to consider when looking for forklift repair services.

1. How Complicated Is the Machine?

Set up a daily checklist for the forklift. This helps to keep your forklift running smoothly.

Every day the tire pressure, machine chains, seatbelt, and back-up alarm should be checked and logged on an official log.

The average cost of a new forklift battery is $6500!

If you make sure that the forklift battery is checked and watered(after being fully charged) you make sure that you are only buying a new battery when it is absolutely necessary.

People often believe that they can do the repairs in-house to save money. With the right knowledge, this can be true, but without it, the results could be worse!

2. Forklift Repair Services

Don’t be afraid to compare services and look for one with an hourly rate you are comfortable with.

Some companies use a sliding scale for repair expenses, some even require an upfront payment.

It’s important to know what your forklift repair will cost, and what kind of guarantee you can get from the repair company after they fix your forklift.

Also, it’s important that your repair company be OSHA certified.

Safety is paramount with a forklift and the OSHA certification makes sure that everything done with your forklift is up to code.

3. How to Know Who to Choose

Choosing a repair company can be confusing.

If you are between a few forklift repair services try to find different reviews. The more information about a company the better.

Look into how long the company has been in business, and look for a client list. The more information a company provides the better for you.

Don’t be afraid to call multiple and pick the one you are most comfortable with.

4. Location

Do you have to ship your forklift out to be repaired?

If this is the case make sure that it is necessary. forklift shipping costs can be expensive.

A costly large repair may require you to ship your forklift away for repairs but this should be understood beforehand.

Not all repairs can be done in-house and therefore it is essential that you look close to your business first. The closer the company the cheaper the shipping cost!

5. Keep up with It

By making sure your forklift operators are properly trained you are helping make sure that your forklift is handled properly.

Beyond the daily checklists, make sure that your forklift gets the monthly and annual maintenance it needs.

By inspecting things like the radiator, hydraulic filter, and hydraulic oil pump you can make sure that your machine is up to date.

This is important because it will keep your forklift running for longer. It will also help the forklift repair services if they are needed. The more information that they have about your machine the better they can help you.

Repairs Needed

Your forklift is an important part of your business.

Don’t let it become just another tool.

Proper maintenance will help, but should you ever need forklift repair services you should look for these five things.

If you need forklift parts, services or even whole repairs we can help. Forklift repair services can be confusing, but we are here to make it simple for you!