Almost every product we use, from shampoo to light bulbs, gets transported by a forklift at some point.

Yet, there are only 540,000 forklift operators in the United States. That number shows just how efficient and dependable a forklift needs to be.

The only problem is, how can you make sure you’re buying a reliable forklift? When you invest a lot of money in equipment, you need to make sure it’ll last.

Read on to learn how to choose a forklift that will stick around for the long haul.

1. Research Each Forklift Model

When you’re shopping for a forklift, make a list of your options and then research each model. Forklifts are an expensive investment, so it’s worth your time.

During your research, look for forklifts that have been tested for performance and safety standards. Read the warranty information too. A long warranty can be a good indicator of a quality machine.

2. Be Honest About the Performance You Need

You can’t blame a low-capacity forklift for wearing out if you’re using it for 2 shifts a day, 7 days a week.

That’s why you need to evaluate your hauling needs before you buy. Your forklift will be more reliable if you choose the model that’s designed for the level of performance you need.

3. Make Sure Compatible Parts Are Available

No matter how well you maintain your forklift, it’s going to need replacement parts eventually. You need to make sure that compatible parts will be available when you need them.

It might seem like a good deal to choose a new-to-market brand and model. But, if the company stops production on that model after a few years, you might be scrambling to find parts.

4. Make Sure Repair Service is Available

Just like passenger vehicles, not every technician has the experience to service every brand of forklift.

Check to see if there’s a qualified technician in your area who services the forklift brand you’re considering. If there isn’t a local tech, fixing your forklift can be expensive. Plus, the more time you wait on repairs, the more revenue you’ll lose.

It’s even better if the company you’re buying from offers a forklift repair service.

5. Choose a Company with a Good Reputation

You’re more likely to find a reliable forklift when you buy from a reputable company. It’s more likely that the forklift will be good quality.

Read online reviews and search for the company on the Better Business Bureau. It’s also wise to ask colleagues and friends for recommendations.

Look for companies that are known for being honest, consistent, and going above and beyond.

6. Pick a Company with Good Customer Service

Customer service is usually the first point of contact you’ll have with a forklift company. Your customer service experience (good or bad) can be a good indicator of what the business values.

A company that values good customer service probably also values quality machinery and parts. But a business with poor customer service might have different priorities.

Find a Reliable Forklift Today

No matter the size of your operation, a reliable forklift can make your business run more smoothly.

Whether you want to buy or rent a forklift, we can help. We also carry replacement parts and offer repair services. Contact us today for all of your forklift needs.