Forklifts are the perfect tool for moving heavy construction materials, pallets, and other equipment. If you’re thinking of buying a forklift for your company, you’ll shell out anywhere from $20,000 to $115,000 dollars!

There are other options. A forklift hire gets you a forklift when you need it for as long as you need it without it breaking the budget. 

Need an extra forklift for your fleet for a limited time? Is one of your forklifts in the shop? Here are a few things to consider before renting a forklift. 

1. Length of Time for Forklift Rental 

How long will the job take? Make sure you rent your forklift for a long enough time to cover any unexpected delays. Always call ahead and make sure the equipment is available for the necessary dates. 

Arrange the forklift hire for an extra week past the expected end date of the job. That way you’re covered in case of inclement weather or other delays. 

2. Accurate Weight Measurements

How much weight will the rental forklift be lifting? Accurate measurements are important. Most forklifts lift up to about 5,000 pounds. 

What are the shapes and sizes of the things you’ll lift? Are the loads irregular in shape or size?

You may need a special forklift attachment or other material handler depending on the type of load. Let your rental company know about any unusual loads. 

3. The Ground Surface

Do you need a forklift for lifting pallets on a smooth cement surface in a warehouse? Are you navigating construction debris on a rough outdoor area?

Different forklifts have different types of tires. You need the right forklift for the terrain.

Some forklifts are great for smooth warehouse floors while others are better for rough terrain. 

Turning radius is also a factor. If you’re inside a warehouse with narrow lanes, you’ll need a sharper turning radius than if you’re outside on a big lot. 

4. Lift Height

What maximum lift height will you need for the job? Be accurate with this number. A forklift is a heavy, dangerous piece of equipment when used improperly. 

Never push your forklift higher than the prearranged height or you’ll put everyone around you in danger. 

5. Understand Forklift Hire Costs 

When hiring a rental forklift, understand all your costs before you rent. There are separate charges for the forklift, battery, charger and any special attachments. 

Are you renting an electric forklift? Rent an extra battery if you don’t want any downtime for charging. 

You’ll have transportation fees if you’re not able to transport the forklift yourself. Make sure you understand your contract and your responsibility for the equipment. 

Forklift Rental Is a Good Option 

Renting instead of buying is often a good option when it comes to your forklift needs. A forklift hire means you don’t worry about equipment maintenance or breakdowns. 

You get the equipment for the time you need it and never worry about your forklift sitting idle while you’re making hefty payments. 

Follow the above steps and you’ll get the right forklift for the job! Are you ready to rent a forklift for your project? Contact us here