What to Look for in the Best Forklift Brand


Are you in the market for a forklift for your spring projects in 2023, or are you seeking to rent one? You're in good company. Research shows that the market for forklifts is expected to increase by 8% between 2023 and 2032. The reality, though, is that not all brands of forklifts are equal. So, how do you choose a piece of equipment from one of the best forklift brands? Here's a rundown on what to look for in the best forklift brand ahead of your next project. Let's jump in! Strong Brand Reputation One of the key hallmarks of the [...]

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How to Operate a Forklift Safely: Repair Check


Reports show that forklifts were involved in 7,290 injuries in the workplace in 2020. These were nonfatal injuries that resulted in the employees having to take time to recover. If you don’t know how to operate a forklift, there are certain safety concerns. This is a large piece of equipment, and you need to make sure you are following safety precautions. Many incidents involving forklifts could get avoided with certain steps in place. Anyone who works with a forklift should understand the dangers and have a safety checklist that they follow. Keep reading to find out more about how to operate a [...]

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A Guide to Basic Forklift Maintenance


Your forklift has come through for you time and time again -- whether you were lifting, loading, or towing. Now, it's time to make sure that you're coming through for this rugged machine by keeping it running properly. Forklifts generally have a lifespan of 10,000 hours. However, to keep these machines operating at the optimum level, you have to maintain them. Performing forklift maintenance regularly will help you to detect small problems before they grow into bigger issues that will impact your productivity. Fortunately, we've created a forklift care guide to help you to improve your machine's longevity and performance. Let's [...]

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Common Forklift Mechanical Issues to Look Out For


The global market for forklifts is estimated to reach $50.5 billion by 2026. An industrial forklift is a large vehicle to maintain, so it's essential to be aware of the common forklift mechanical issues.  Otherwise, you could pay more for forklift repair services when owning a forklift. The cost of mechanical issues doesn't need to break the bank. As long as you conduct regular forklift maintenance, you can find any problems and fix them before they worsen.  Keep reading and take note of these forklift mechanical issues to look out for on your machine.  Common Forklift Mechanical Issues Often, forklift mechanical [...]

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Everything Your Need to Know About Tailift Forklifts


An imperative purchase for many businesses is heavy machinery. Without the machinery that completes work correctly, there would be no means of achieving the common tasks. Those common tasks would be impossible without machines such as forklifts and other means of transportation.  If you own a business that requires you to move items with heavy machinery then owning a forklift is a no-brainer. This means that you need to buy a forklift that is going to be reliable. The last thing your business needs to do is buy or rent one that dies while you're in the middle of using it. If [...]

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How to Find the Best Forklift Rental Near Me


Did you know that more than $530 billion is spent to launch businesses each year? There are a lot of costs associated with starting a business, including the cost of buying equipment. To offset some of those initial costs, you can utilize rentals for business. Not sure how to find a rental for heavy equipment? Keep reading to learn how to find a forklift rental near me. Consider Forklift Use To find a forklift rental near me, you'll need to consider what you will use a forklift for. Forklift rental services vary in the equipment they can rent out. Do you need [...]

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How Long Does a Caterpillar Forklift Last?


The average lifespan for a forklift, including a caterpillar forklift, is 10,000 hours of service. On average, this is equivalent to a lifespan of five years. With the right amount of forklift maintenance and care, a machine can last as long as 20,000 hours.  However, though either lifespan is a long amount of time, it still isn't forever. You must still replace a forklift once it is past its time. If you don't, you risk the consequences of safety hazards and reduced productivity levels Read on to learn some ways you can tell when you need to replace a caterpillar forklift.  [...]

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How to Replace a Forklift Part


Each year in the United States, entrepreneurs start over 600,000 new businesses. Unfortunately, not all of these companies go on to thrive. One of the most important obligations that entrepreneurs have is to maintain the tools and resources that they use. For many facilities, this means prioritizing forklift maintenance. Knowing how to replace a forklift part might seem complicated, but it's much easier than you think. Let's take a look at all you need to know. How Can I Tell if I Need to Replace My Part? There are several factors that can help you determine if it's time to replace [...]

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What You Need to Become A Certified Forklift Operator


Can you believe there were 7,290 non-fatal injuries and almost 80 deaths from forklift accidents in 2020 alone? Forklifts may not seem as complicated to operate as, say, a Boeing 737-800, but they still require extensive training. Without the proper knowledge, you could cause an accident that leaves someone maimed or worse. Once you learn how to operate one, you can even make a career out of it. Are you wondering how easy or difficult it may be? Keep reading to learn all about what you need to become a certified forklift operator. Taking Forklift Classes If you're serious about getting your forklift certification, [...]

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A Beginner’s Safety Guide to Forklift Operation


Forklifts are dangerous pieces of machinery. In 2020 alone, forklift accidents were responsible for 7,290 non-fatal injuries and 78 deaths.  One cannot simply hop into a forklift and drive away without the proper training. So, how does one learn to operate a forklift safely? With the proper training, of course.  But, before your training, use this guide to explore all the tips you need to know for appropriate forklift operation.  Wear the Appropriate Clothing Before operating a forklift, you must dress appropriately. You should always wear hi-visibility jackets or vests. This ensures other members of staff can always see you. You should [...]

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