The top forklift manufacturers made nearly 35 billion in forklift sales, and that was back in 2013. There’s no question that forklifts are needed in the workplace. They make work easier when it comes to loading and unloading. Now there’s an even more efficient way to use forklifts – queue in electric forklift.

The introduction of electric forklift offers a lot of benefits. But it also comes with negative criticism.

This is why it’s important to look at the pros and cons of electric forklifts.

The Pros of Electric Forklifts

An electric forklift offers the ultimate benefit of making work easier and more efficient.

To be more clear it offers something that is eco-friendly. There are no dangerous emissions in the air that come from a diesel forklift. They also have no tailpipe and no cloud of smoke that can be toxic for a work environment.

In addition, an electric forklift is quieter and cleaner. When it comes to operations it doesn’t require a clutch, just a brake, and an accelerator.

Other pros of electric forklifts are that they require less maintenance because they run on electricity and not on fuel. They also have less moving parts, which means it requires less mechanical work.

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The Cons of Electric Forklifts

The cons of an electric forklift are that it may not perform at optimal levels over a consistent period of time.

You may have to replace the battery from time to time, which can be tedious and take time away from other work. In addition, if you forget to charge the battery, it can delay working the following day because the forklift isn’t ready.

Electric forklift batteries require a particular voltage in order for it to charge. This can be a con if a warehouse doesn’t have this voltage and need to install one.

Another con is the initial cost of the electric forklifts are generally higher because they are newer and often more efficient.

Lastly, another con to consider is the electric lifting capacity. You’ll find that a lot of electric forklifts have a capacity of about 12,000 pounds, whereas a diesel forklift can lift over a 100,000 pounds or more. It’s a consideration depending on your work and what you will use the forklift for.

Should You Get an Electric Forklift?

An electric forklift offers a lot of benefits. It is also in many ways the forklift of the future because a lot of machinery is gearing toward becoming more eco-friendly.

But does it mean you need one for your business?

It’s up to you and how much you want to save on resources and how much you want to help the environment. Ultimately it’s the future of forklifts for business by how they can save on time and resources.

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