Projections show that the global forklift truck market will reach a value of $81.4 billion by 2027.

Forklifts can be very useful in a range of industrial settings. Renting attachments for forklifts is a great way to increase their capability for specific tasks. There are plenty of different forklift accessories available that can help you increase productivity within your business.

For a rundown of some of the most essential forklift accessories, keep reading.

Side Shifter

One of the most widely used forklift attachments is side shifters. They allow the operator to move a load side to side, giving a high degree of control. This way, they can make small adjustments to better align a pallet when loading and unloading, without having to reposition the whole forklift.

Side shifters can help an operator work faster while reducing the risk of damage to pallets and goods.

Fork Positioner

Some attachments for forklift trucks can prove more useful in particular applications. If an operator is generally moving identical loads, a fork positioner isn’t necessary. When load sizes keep changing, however, this can be essential.

It allows the width of the forks to be controlled through hydraulics. This can help speed things up if the load sizes are varied.

Fork Extensions

Sometimes the width of loads might not change, but the depth still can. For oversized loads, fork extensions may be necessary. They are easy to use, sliding directly onto the forks.

They make handling large loads much safer, and they’re available in various lengths. Make sure your operator stays vigilant as they might be more accustomed to driving with the standard length forks, and these may present more of a hazard.

Multiple Pallet Handler

Some forklift attachment parts are made for specific applications. Multiple pallet handlers can be used in environments where multiple loads need to be moved at once.

This isn’t ideal in all situations, but when used it can massively improve productivity.


Rotators allow you to safely rotate the forks a full 360°.  This is ideal for dumping loads and can return the forks to a level position in one motion. When used, these can save a lot of time by dumping loads quickly and moving on.

Push/Pull Attachment

With a push/pull attachment you can increase shipping volume by using slip sheets instead of pallets. These are easily attached/removed and can help increase profits by transporting more goods in the same space. The slip sheets themselves are also very inexpensive which is ideal.

Sourcing Forklift Accessories

Using any of the above forklift accessories can help save time, increase productivity, and reduce damage to goods/pallets. Think about the day-to-day tasks of your business to determine which accessories would be ideal for you.

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