Forklifts are incredibly useful in a range of industries, and almost 2.1 million were sold in 2021 alone.

If you need a new forklift for your business, however, buying one isn’t necessary. There are benefits to renting; you just need to know what you’re looking for since forklifts vary greatly.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most important things to consider when looking for a forklift for rent. Keep reading for more.

Load Capacity

Forklifts are ideal for material handling, but ensure the one you go with can handle the loads you need to move. Think about the heaviest loads you have and only consider forklifts that have a high enough load capacity. If you fail to do this, you may end up having loads that you can’t move and will need alternative solutions.

Lift Height

The lift height is the maximum height that a forklift can raise a load to. Make sure you know how high your racking is so that you can get a forklift that can easily reach everything. Bear in mind that heavy loads are riskier at height, so consider how heavy the loads are at these levels.

Size and Shape of Loads

Sometimes, loads aren’t too heavy, but they can be awkward sizes and shapes. This can make maneuvering them very challenging.

If you have such loads, pay attention to the wheelbase and aisle width of forklifts. Note that if you have narrow aisles, you may be restricted to forklifts with a narrower aisle width.


Most forklifts are designed for flat, stable terrain. If you need to operate yours under tricker conditions, select a forklift that can handle it. Larger wheels and a higher ground clearance will help it handle more difficult terrain.

Fuel Type

You can find forklifts that run on electricity, diesel, and propane. The best forklift type for indoor use is electric, as they produce no emissions and run more quietly.

Diesel and propane forklifts produce potentially harmful emissions. However, they’re more powerful and have a longer running time, so they can be a better choice for outdoor use.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority, so look at the safety features of different forklifts. Things like seatbelts, warning lights, and backup alarms should be standard.

Operators Comfort

Forklift operators can spend a long time sitting on forklifts. It’s important to keep them comfortable as it will make their job easier and they’ll be more productive. Ergonomic controls, adjustable seats, and good visibility are ideal for this.

Finding the Right Forklift for Rent

If you’re looking for a forklift for rent, consider all of the options above. Ensuring you have the most suitable forklift for your needs will help you get the best ROI.

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