Like any heavy machinery, the key to keeping your worksite safe and efficient is to keep your forklifts in good working order. Getting your forklift repaired when it’s broken is an obvious move, but there’s a better way to keep up your fleet.

Creating a forklift maintenance checklist for your machines is the best way to avoid major problems with them. Use these tips to create your checklist and keep things in your warehouse running smoothly.

What Should Be On the List?

It’s important to keep every part of your forklift well-maintained. While some repairs might not seem critical, letting a problem go too long will lead to bigger problems down the line.

You should have a checklist prepared for each part of the lift: the engine, the counterweight, the carriage, and the mast.

What you check on each, and when, will depend on the manufacturer and model of the forklift. However, there are common issues that you should be on the lookout for in all your lifts.

Checking tire pressure and steering alignment are just as important as keeping the mast in good shape. You should have a separate review for the mechanical functions and the electrical functions

How Often Should You Use YourForklift Maintenance Checklist?

Forklift maintenance should be a daily consideration when you use this machinery. However, not everything needs a daily check. Breaking up your list into daily, weekly, monthly, and annual checks will help keep your lift in the best shape.

You can reference the manufacturer schedule and OSHA regulations as a starting point. However, these should be the minimum. Daily checks for damage and unusual function are important to keep your crew and your business safe.

Monthly, you should check on all the fluids for your lifts. From oil and hydraulic fluid to gas, these fluids are all critical. Make sure the right amounts of each are present and that none of the fuel lines or tanks are damaged.

You should save a more thorough review for once a year. This review is usually important for warranties and insurance requirements. The annual review should include all of the items from the more frequent checklists as well as a comprehensive professional evaluation.

When Is It Time for Professional Forklift Repair?

When you follow a regular maintenance schedule, you will need emergency repairs less frequently. But even the best-maintained lifts should get a professional tune-up annually.

Professional forklift repair service can also help you identify future problem areas, and items to look for in your regular maintenance checks. A good forklift service will also include any new information from the manufacturer about weaknesses or known issues.

Paying for an annual service when your forklifts aren’t damaged may seem like an extra expense. However, preventative maintenance will save you more money in the long run because it will fix small issues before they can total your forklift or injure your crew.

Schedule Your Maintenance Today

When it’s time for your annual maintenance check, pick a repair service that can check your fleet without interrupting your business.

Give us a call as part of your annual forklift maintenance checklist. We provide professional forklift repair services for a range of lifts. Let us partner with you to keep your machinery in good working order.