Do you use Mitsubishi forklifts in your business?

The global market for lift trucks will reach $72.9 billion by 2026. With the increasing demand comes the need for top-notch forklift maintenance.

No maintenance plan is complete without quality parts. What are the essential Mitsubishi forklift parts you need to maintain?

Continue reading below for a Mitsubishi forklift maintenance guide.

The Forks

One way of maximizing the benefits of Mitsubishi forklifts is to keep the forks in excellent shape. They work by taking on the heavy-lifting chores. Over time, extensive lifting of heavy items may cause the forks to bend.

Check the shape of the forks and see if they’re still straight. Look for any cracks potentially compromising their stability and performance. Move them up and down to check on their smoothness.

Perform regular fork inspection daily. Contact a reliable Mitsubishi forklift parts provider if the forks need replacement.

The Hydraulic Parts

The hydraulic system creates the force necessary to raise or lower the forks. It uses a special fluid to create pressure and pushes it against the cylinder to create movement.

Sometimes, the forklifts take too much work, resulting in the hydraulic parts rubbing off. In some cases, they come apart, causing the hydraulic fluid to leak. If it happens, look for a reliable provider for parts and service to replace the hydraulic hose ASAP.

The Tires

As forklifts run the same path daily, the tires can wear out quickly. The repetitive motion can also lead to the tires wearing unevenly on one side. The ride also gets bumpy when they hit holes and seams in the concrete.

Check the tires’ air pressure before every shift. Make sure they meet the manufacturer’s suggest PSI. Tires belonging to the same axle should have the same pressure to avoid uneven lifting.

The Brakes

The brakes play a crucial role in the safety of forklift trucks. About 52% of forklift accidents happen during the transportation of items. Failing brakes can lead to stopping problems, causing injuries to the driver and the people near the truck.

Healthy brakes should give a similar feel as braking a road vehicle. Little resistance means they’re losing braking power. If the brakes make a lot of noise, the brake shoes may need some relining.

Contact your trusted technician for immediate forklift repairs.

The Batteries

Battery maintenance is another factor affecting the forklift’s performance. Practice proper charging to extend the battery’s life. Choose a specific area for battery charging.

Wear chemical-resistant protective gear when handling the battery. A washing station should be nearby when harmful liquids come out and reach your hand or eyes.

Avoid overcharging the battery and charge it under the proper temperature. Follow the manual about the battery’s replacement date.

Get Quality Mitsubishi Forklift Parts Today

Through regular forklift maintenance, you can ensure peak truck performance. You can also prevent accidents from failing parts.

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