There are currently over a million certified forklift operators in the US alone. That may seem like a huge number, but every day the demand for trained forklift operators goes up.

Are you looking into a job that requires forklift OSHA training? If so, start here!

What Do You Need For Forklift OSHA Training?

In order to get your forklift certification, you will need a few things. The first thing you will need is to be at least eighteen years old. Under federal law, it is illegal for anyone under eighteen to use a forklift.

Additionally, you will need to perform a variety of different pieces of training. These will be both online and in person. In terms of monetary commitment, you’re looking at between 50 to 200 dollars per operator.

Those looking to get their training independently will be paying in the higher range. Employers will have lower rates as training is often done in-house.

Remember, the cost of a forklift certification will be lower than the cost of an OSHA violation.

Where to Get Certified

Forklift OSHA training is often a click away in this day and age. For the online portion of the certification, you will only need a device to access the internet. It is also recommended that you take some notes.

The in-person part of forklift school will depend on your area. Regional availability may lead to a small commute to get your certification. 

For simplicity’s sake, try to get your forklift training classes through an employer. If this scenario is possible, it can save money and will guarantee you’re trained for what you’ll be doing.

There are a couple of different certifications available. Always ensure you’re getting the right one for your workplace.

What Will You Learn?

In forklift training, you will be learning everything there is to know about safely operating a forklift. This will include, to a certain extent, knowing your machine. While trained forklift technicians will do maintenance, diagnosing your machine early saves time.

You will also learn the most common accidents and how to avoid them. When everyone is aware of risks and measures to take to avoid them, it will limit workplace accidents. This is key to saving employers money in OSHA fines.

For the in-person training, you will be learning in a hands-on way with your machine. You will learn how to drive and safely perform tasks on your rig. This will get you familiar with the job and guarantees you’ll be ready for the job.

Finally, at the end of your in-person training, you will complete a driving test. The test will be a breeze if you’ve been paying attention in class!

Get OSHA Safe!

Getting your forklift OSHA training is as rewarding as it is smart in today’s job market. When you get your certification, you are joining a legion of trained professionals. A forklift certification will make your resume stand out in a crowd!

If you have a forklift that needs some attention, contact us! We’ll get you top-tier parts and service.