Renting a forklift for a big job can be an excellent way to save money. It keeps you from spending on maintenance, and you don’t need dedicated storage space! 

However, when it comes to renting a forklift, there are different factors to consider. Everything from the length of your job to the type of machine you rent can affect forklift rental prices. 

Luckily, it isn’t too difficult to get a rough idea of the price you’ll pay. Below, we’ll outline the different factors to consider when it comes to forklift rental. 

Things To Consider About Pricing

Four factors determine the price you’ll ultimately pay. For the most part, these factors will be based on the needs for the job. 

The Length Of The Rental

Companies that offer forklift rental will often offer daily, weekly, and monthly prices. The rule of thumb is to leave yourself breathing room without being too excessive. 

If your project lasts five days, paying for a whole week might be cheaper than for each individual day. Likewise, it might be cheaper to rent for a month for a 3 1/2 week project. 

The Type Of Forklift

Forklifts come in a wide variety of forms. Most come with one of two types of propulsion; combustion and electric.

Combustion forklifts have heavier lift capacities and are meant for rugged outdoor work. This higher capacity often comes with a higher price tag. Additionally, you’ll need to keep your forklift fueled. 

Electric forklifts are quiet and efficient and are best suited for lighter indoor jobs. Their lifting capacity tends to fall short of combustion forklifts, however. As a result, electric forklifts tend to be cheaper to rent. 

Forklift Insurance

Insurance for any rental equipment is always a wise choice.

Having insurance for your rental forklift can help protect you from liability for the machine if it’s damaged. Additionally, costs from accidents where somebody is hurt will be covered by insurance. 

Insurance is convenient if you’re renting multiple machines!


OSHA has strict guidelines on the use of forklifts. 

While there aren’t specific licenses, forklift operators do need to be certified. This certification must come from an OSHA-approved provider. Additionally, nobody under the age of 18 can legally operate a forklift. 

If nobody on your crew has the proper certification, you may need to factor in the cost of obtaining it. Otherwise, you may need to consider hiring a certified driver. 

How High Are Forklift Rental Prices?

Forklift truck rental prices vary considerably when you take all these factors into account. However, there is an average price range that stems from them. 

An electric forklift with a 3,000-pound lifting capacity, for example, would cost roughly $150 a day at most. Per week, it would cost anywhere between $300-400. If you rented it for a month, you’d likely pay over $1,000. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a diesel forklift with over 10,000 pounds of lifting capacity. This would cost you around $500 a day and $1,250 for an entire week. The heavier forklift would cost roughly $3,000 or more for a month. 

Local And Reliable Forklift Rental 

Finding reasonable forklift rental prices is essential for your bottom line. However, you’ll need an excellent company at your back to keep your rented fleet going. 

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