Are you looking to move concrete, large crates of products, or gravel? Do you need a reputable forklift rental service?

You may be wondering about the average cost to rent a forklift. What you may not realize is that forklift rental prices fluctuate greatly depending upon your forklift company and the types of forklift services available.

Here’s what you need to know.

Forklift Rental Prices

The average cost to rent a forklift is anywhere from $225 to $7,325 to rent a forklift. Much of your forklift service price will depend upon the capacity of your industrial forklift.

Renting a forklift with a small capacity, for example, could cost between $250 and $350 a day. These machines can pick up between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds.

A medium-capacity reliable forklift will cost between $350 and $700 a week for forklift hire. They will hold anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 pounds.

The forklift rental cost for large capacity machines is anywhere from $200 to $700 a day. These machines can hold as much as 30,000 pounds.

Geographical Location

Your forklift rental costs will also vary depending upon your location within the country. Nashville equipment rental, for example, may not cost you as much as forklifts for rent in New York.

Before settling on a fair forklift rental cost, call up at least three different companies in your area, and get estimates. The price you end up paying should be reasonable for superior industrial supply in your area.

Equipment Repair Services

It’s important to remember that any forklift repairs required after the equipment is in your hands will get charged to you.

If a piece of equipment gets damaged, you can look up Clark forklift repair or Caterpillar forklift dealers in your area to check out the cost of forklift repair services. You can also figure out the costs of equipment like crown parts. Be sure to calculate what you think you’ll spend on forklift maintenance into your final cost.

Things to Consider

Before you consider a Clark forklift dealer or other forklift dealers, you’ll want to weigh a number of factors about the job you’re doing. You may, for example, require specific Mitsibushi forklift parts, such as attachments and safety gear.

You’ll also want to take the type of contract into consideration. For example, you could end up saving money on a reliable forklift hire by keeping it for a longer amount of time. You can find a forklift for rent at a lower per-day cost if you know you’ll be using it for a few weeks.

You’ll also want to think about any service plans or warranties that a prospective forklift service offers. You may also wish to purchase your own insurance in case one of your workers is involved in an accident using the lift equipment.

The Perfect Lift

Local “forklift companies near me” may not all offer the services you need. Before settling on a company, ask friends and family for recommendations. Check out online reviews and make sure they match with what you’re hearing.

The costs of forklift sales and rentals should be reasonable for your area. Before you choose a forklift dealer, make sure you get some estimates and get comfortable with what you’ll be paying.

Get Lifting

How much does it cost to rent a forklift? The answer will depend upon your specific needs and location. With the right research, you can be getting your job done in no time.

Don’t stop your research now. For more information on excellent rentals and forklift repairs, contact us today.