Most forklifts depreciate after 10,000 hours of use.

Buying a new one can cost as much as buying a car, so that can be a serious expense for a business. It’s an asset you can’t sell for very much after you’re done with it, and you will probably have to pay for maintenance at some point.

Fortunately, a forklift rental can help you avoid the wasted time and capital that result from owning a forklift.

Keep reading to learn the top three reasons to hire a forklift rental service.

Forklift Rental Convenience

Renting a forklift allows you to get needed equipment quickly if an existing one broke down or will take a long time to repair. Renting lets you carry on without having to deal with a waiting period.

You also don’t need to take time out of your schedule to coordinate maintenance, because the rental service handles that for you. Another way renting saves you time is that you don’t have to get the machinery checked for air quality standard compliance. It comes already certified, eliminating the risk that you could be fined or have your professional reputation damaged due to poor compliance.

When the rental service handles these logistics, it leaves you more time to focus on the productivity of your business.

Flexible for Your Business Needs

Many business owners choose to rent because they only have the equipment for as long as they need it. This flexibility helps you avoid paying more than you need to. This is especially good for businesses that experience increased demand seasonally.

If your business needs three forklifts during the holiday season but has no use for a forklift any other time of the year, renting is the ideal solution.

Additionally, you can rent a forklift of the size best suited to your needs. For example, a small forklift rental is best for a company with limited space.

Best Use of Capital

The last but most compelling reason is that renting is a smart financial move.

To make the best use of your capital, you shouldn’t invest in an asset that you won’t make full use of or use for its entire lifespan.

You avoid paying for routine maintenance and don’t have to absorb the cost of a depreciating asset. A new forklift can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and a used one probably won’t be in good condition. By renting, you get to enjoy using a relatively new forklift while also benefiting from a more affordable forklift rental cost.

Rental payments are tax-deductible because they are an operating expense. Furthermore, it keeps your credit line in better shape than if you financed equipment.

Skilled Technicians and High-Quality Forklifts

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