If you’re looking for job security without a lot of education, becoming a forklift operator can be a good option.

Of course, it’s important to be careful to observe property safety protocol. There are inherent risks with operating a forklift. But the good news is that, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA), 70% of all forklift injuries are preventable.

Want to learn more about how to exercise forklift safety in your workplace? Check out these five safety tips to learn more.

1. Keep Up to Date With Forklift Training

The most important step to preventing forklift injuries in the workplace is to make sure that all employees keep up with the required forklift training. When all operators are aware of OSHA safety standards, the risk for injury decreases.

Generally, every forklift operator must update their training at least once every three years. Before a new employee is able to operate a forklift, their supervisor should observe them to ensure they are following proper safety protocol.

2. Keep Your Space Clean and Organized

Spills, strewn boxes, narrow spaces, and misplaced tools are all hazards that can lead to forklift accidents and injuries. If there are obstructions in the workplace, forklift operators may make sudden movements to avoid them. This can increase the risk of faulty operation.

A disorganized space can also block a forklift operator’s line of sight. If the operator is not able to see where they are going, they may inadvertently injure themselves or someone else.

3. Keep Up With Forklift Maintenance

Faulty equipment can be another source of accident and injury when it comes to forklifts. Every machine should be checked at the beginning and end of each shift.

Ensure there are no leaks, that the tires have proper pressure, and that the belts are in working order. Any issues found should be addressed immediately.

4. Observe Proper Loading and Unloading Procedures

A forklift may be a machine, but it still has limitations. Overloading a forklift, or stacking items improperly, can cause accidents. A load that is poorly stacked can lead to an overturned forklift, which risks the safety of the forklift operator and other employees.

Also, when operating the forklift, make sure to observe safe speeds. Driving the forklift at too high of a speed can cause items to fall, leading to both property damage and injury.

5. Make Sure Pedestrians Observe Forklift Safety

The forklift operator is not the only individual who needs to practice forklift safety. Any employees working on foot in the warehouse also need to be aware of the forklift, and to practice proper safety protocol. And, of course, the operator should be extra vigilant to be aware of pedestrians.

Practice Forklift Safety Every Day

With these forklift safety tips in hand, you will be able to ensure that you are your colleagues are able to operate injury-free.

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