If you’re on the lookout for a good forklift service company, it’s important to know what matters. Some companies will offer lots of services and well-maintained equipment. But other companies will not, so you’ll need to do some investigating.

Keep reading to learn what you should be looking for in a professional forklift service!

Consider the Quality of the Equipment

If the company offers a range of quality equipment for rent or purchase, that’s a good sign. After all, you may need a forklift to work in a warehouse, or you may need one capable of standing up to the elements outdoors. Know what types of forklifts are available and how long they’ve been in service.

You should be able to have your pick of options including forklifts, scissors lifts, sweepers, and more. And the employees should be knowledgable about each type so you get the right one for your needs.

Does the Forklift Service Company Offer Rentals?

Whether you’re working on a lengthy project or something that will take a matter of hours, you need to know that you can rent a forklift without hassle. A good forklift service company will have anything from boom lifts to industrial machines that can handle whatever you need.

Make sure to talk with someone from the company so you get the right equipment for your job. Also, be sure to ask if the equipment is new or used.

Make Sure the Company Does Forklift Servicing

When it comes to forklifts or any type of equipment, you know that repairs and regular servicing appointments are important. If you’re trying to rent a forklift for your job, ask about the repair records for the machinery. Forklift servicing should be a regular part of the process, including before and after a forklift has been used or returned.

And if you need your forklift repaired, a reputable company should be able to do that! Ask the company what kind of forklift servicing they offer. They should be able to address issues related to tires, battery life, engine issues, and more.

Look Into Training Opportunities

If you’re not certified to use forklifts or someone in your organization needs to go through training, check to see if a forklift company offers training opportunities. You should be able to find a schedule of classes for new drivers as well as training programs to help leaders in your organization train new employees.

Check to see if training programs are bundled with purchases or rentals. You may be able to get a better deal! You’ll also get peace of mind knowing that your employees will be able to use your forklifts safely and effectively.

Get the Service You Need

Finding the right forklift service can take some time, but it’s worth it if you can find a company that is responsible, efficient, and effective. When it comes to rentals, servicing, and training, you want to find a place that does it all. Choosing a good forklift service company will save you time in the long run.

When you’re ready to get the forklift services you need, contact us and we can help!