Are you looking to add a forklift to your job site or warehouse? You might know you need one but are unsure of what type you need.

As you know the forklift is the true workhorse of many job sites and warehouses. Yet, to get the maximum benefit of all a forklift can offer, you want to be sure you have the right one to do the work you need.

There are a variety of types of forklifts, how do you know which one you need? Read on to learn about the most common forklift types.

1. 3-Wheel Electric

The 3-wheel electric forklift is becoming one of the most popular, especially for inside warehouses and tight spaces. Because of the 3-wheels and the size, it has the ability to make tight turns and work in close quarters that are often present in warehouses.

Most 3-wheel electric machines range from 3,000 to 5,000-pound machines.

This type of machine is referred to as electric because it houses a battery, often lithium for longer usage times then can be recharged.

2. 4-Wheel Electric

Like the 3-wheel version, the 4-wheel forklift is a common and popular model of forklift on many job sites and warehouses. Unlike the 3-wheel version, it is unable to make the same tight turns. It doesn’t have the same tight maneuverability as a 3-wheel model.

Having said that, many 4-wheel electric machines can lift more weight than the 3-wheel versions. The 4-wheel forklift comes in a 5,000 to a 10,000-pound machine.

3. Rough Terrain

A rough terrain forklift, as the name implies, is intended for outdoor use where there is likely uneven or rough terrain. For this reason, it will come with off-road tires with large treads to handle the uneven terrain.

Nearly all rough-terrain forklifts come powered with diesel fuel. This is because they are usually a machine that needs more lifting capability and more power because they are working at outdoor job sites.

4. High-Capacity

A high-capacity forklift is a machine that can do the heavy lifting. It is a machine that is built to lift more weight than some other models.

You might assume that all high-capacity forklifts would be powered with propane or diesel, yet there are electric high-capacity models available too.

This is one of the times, as you consider a forklift purchase, that you need to know how much weight you need to lift. To get the right machine,  you need to have an accurate measure of your lifting needs.

5. Order Pickers

An order picker is a version of a forklift. It works like an automated ladder that allows the operator to go up and down. The operator can go up to grab parts, materials, and supplies by hand. It’s simpler and faster than using a ladder.

Finding the Most Common Forklift Types to Use on Your Job

If you are in the market for a forklift, there are few things to consider first. Where will you be using the forklift? How much weight do you need to lift? How high do you need your forklift to reach?

Then you can evaluate these forklift types to find the one that will best meet your lifting needs.

Contact us today with all your forklift questions. We can help get you the forklift you need.