You’re in the process of hunting down a forklift. It’s a good thing you’re starting the search early, too, since forklifts are in such high demand. Companies across all industries are looking for forklifts to help move materials in factories and on construction sites, and they’ll only continue to grow in popularity.

That said, you’re looking for the best forklift to suit your company’s needs. The first thing you need to solve is choosing between a gas forklift and an electric forklift. Both forklift options can handle some serious work, but which one is the right one for you?

You’ve come to the right place for an answer. Keep reading this article to learn whether you need a gas or electric forklift for your company!

Gas-Powered Forklifts Lift More

Electric forklifts are strong in their own right, but even with the advancements made, traditional gas lifts are pound-for-pound the stronger option.

Whether you’re considering a gas, diesel, or propane forklift, you can almost guarantee they’ll lift a heavier load. This is because gas-powered forklifts can use more powerful lifting components thanks to their combustion properties.

Electric Forklifts Leave No Emissions

If you and your employees are working indoors, then an electric forklift is the only way to go. Gas forklifts produce emissions that are bad to breathe in. If you’re working indoors, you’ll quickly regret bringing a gas lift to help you with the job!

Meanwhile, an electric forklift uses a forklift battery to power it throughout the day, so there are no emissions That means you can use it within basically any indoor area and get the job done.

Gas Lifts Are More Rugged

Since most gas forklifts are used outside and electric ones are mainly indoors, gas lifts tend to be more rugged. Most electric forklifts use softer wheels to protect the company floor. However, those same wheels wouldn’t last long outdoors. The lift’s materials are also not as resistant to damage as their gas counterparts.

Gas lifts are made for rugged outdoor work, and they’re built for the task. Their wheels are also stronger and are made to roll over practically any terrain.

Electric Lifts Have Lower Operating Costs

It goes without saying that the price of fuel is constantly changing. No matter how much it costs, you can be sure that over time you’ll be paying more for it than for electricity for your battery-powered lift.

Electric lifts use electricity to power them through a workday, which is a cheaper source of fuel than gas. As a bonus, electric forklifts can charge quickly, so they’re ready for work by the time your break is over.

Get the Best Forklift for Your Needs

Now that you know the benefits of both gas-powered and electric forklifts, you can choose the best forklift to build your business. That said, you need to get your forklift from a company you can trust.

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Please look around our site to learn more, or reach out to us if you have any questions. Let’s lift up your business with the right forklift today!