There are hidden profits in a place you may not realize, and this money is found when you replace your old forklifts. If you delay their replacement when they’re slow or breaking down, you may think you’re saving money, but it’s just the opposite. Purchase a reliable forklift and watch as your company’s bottom line, safety, and efficiency, improve.

Keep your forklift maintained and cared for properly and it should last for years. But when should you replace it? Read on to learn more!


Are you taking all possible measures to keep your forklift in its optimal condition? Perform forklifts maintenance, such as crown repair, regularly to avoid premature aging. Keep in mind that if you own a business, you need to provide employees with the safest work environment possible, and that means a reliable forklift that is kept in great condition.

Are you always repairing the darn thing? You’re probably aware of how these costs are adding up, so try to review this to see if it’s costing more than a modern replacement would. Other costs appear as inefficiency, an increase in accidents, and the overall morale of your company if frustration rises due to old equipment and lack of proper forklifts maintenance.


How long does a forklift last? Keep track of how your forklift is used and how much weight it moves around during an average day or month. Your forklift could last you 10 years or burn out after only 5 years. Here are some factors to pay attention to and to document for optimization:

  • Age (brand life expectancy)
  • Hours of operation
  • Weight lifted
  • Application(s)

Of course, the brand will make a difference as will the associated life expectancy. Investing in a great-quality machine will usually pay off in the long run. Consider that electric forklifts have fewer parts and are easier to maintain than those with combustion engines. 

The above list mentions applications. This is because a forklift exposed to extreme temperatures, for example, will cause it to age faster. More weight and more hours of use will also affect crown parts replacements and overall longevity. You can adjust your brand choice and expectations accordingly.

Signs You Need a More Reliable Forklift

Look over your forklift and check for certain signs. This is easy to do during maintenance sessions. Let’s take a look at some signs your forklift is ready to be replaced. Here are some major areas of concern:

  • Distortions or cracks
  • Exposed or broken wires
  • Wear on the fork blades
  • Fork blade distortion

Educate yourself and your team on how to prevent injuries and accidents when using a forklift. Proper loading is also essential to prevent too much weight on the machine and the chance of it tipping over. Overloading can weaken and bend the forks. A forklift provider can help you identify if it’s replacement-worthy.

Forklift Replacement is Inevitable

Save money for a new reliable forklift, even if yours is doing fine at the moment. These machines last around 10,000-12,000 hours depending on upkeep and brand. If you have the money ready, you’ll be able to replace it as soon as it’s necessary rather than waiting until your forklift is extremely inefficient and unsafe.

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