Forklifts. They can be key to getting your shipments out quickly and keeping your factory organized. There are plenty to choose from in the United States, with over 850,000 forklifts in operation. Now, this piece of equipment can be an expensive investment. This is especially the case for those that only need a forklift temporarily. For this reason, you may want to rent a forklift.

How much does it cost to rent? What are the benefits of renting?

This is your guide.

Strength of Forklift

The first thing you have to consider is how strong you need your forklift to be. Forklifts come in all shapes and sizes, so some of them are going to be able to handle more weight than others.

Usually, the more weight a forklift can carry, the more expensive it is going to be. For example, you might be able to rent a forklift that lifts less than 5,000 pounds for just over $1,000 per month.

What if you need one that can lift over 30,000 pounds? Well, that can cost you around $5,000 per month instead.

You need to figure out how heavy your materials are and how strong your forklift is going to have to be for your operation.

If the above still does not meet your requirements, you could always try to push it to the extreme. The world record for the strongest forklift can lift 72 tons. Figure out what you need and see if your rental company has the correct type of forklift for it.

Time Needed

Another thing that you need to consider is how much time you need for a forklift. Most rental companies charge either by day, week, or month. Some may even charge by the year if you need it long enough.

You need to sit down and figure out how much time you are going to need for a forklift. If you need it for less than a week, it could be worth getting it at the daily rate.

However, renting by the week will save you more money per day, and renting it by the month will save you more money by the week. So, if you need a forklift for six days or three and a half weeks, it may be worth taking it at a longer rate.

Lift Height

Finally, consider how high you need your forklift to be able to lift objects. Do you need a forklift that can lift objects higher than 20 feet?

If so, you have to account for that and your rental may be more costly to accommodate this need. Know in advance how high you will need a forklift to lift objects.

Rent a Forklift

These are just three things that you need to consider when it comes to forklift rental prices. You need to factor in how strong it needs to be, how high it needs to lift objects, and how long you need it.

Do you need to rent a forklift? Message us today to get started.