A forklift is a critical piece of equipment for any business that relies on lifting and moving heavy objects. The average cost of a brand new forklift can cost a company anywhere between $25000 and $75000. So keeping it in good working condition is essential.

Properly maintaining and servicing your forklift is how you extend its lifespan. But how often should you service your forklift, and what kind of maintenance does it need? If you’re looking to understand forklift maintenance, read on to learn more.

How Often Should You Service Your Forklift?

The frequency of servicing depends on how much you use your forklift. If you use it daily, you should have it serviced monthly. If you use it weekly, then every three months should be sufficient. And if you only use it occasionally, then every six months may work best for you.

Of course, it is crucial to note that these are just general guidelines. If you notice any issues with your forklift, such as decreased performance or strange noises, you should take it in for servicing as soon as possible. It’s always better to be cautious about your forklift maintenance.

What Maintenance Does a Forklift Need?

At a minimum, your forklift should have an oil change and filter replacement every three months (or every 250 hours of operation, whichever comes first). In addition, the air filter should be replaced every six months (or every 500 hours of operation). Beyond that, other potential areas of concern and due for regular inspection include the drive axle, brakes, steering system, and tires.

It is vital to understand when parts on your forklift should need a replacement vs. needing to be repaired. Performing regular inspections of your forklift and ensuring the longevity of its operation. Keeping the maintenance up to date on your forklift can also help reduce operator accidents due to faulty equipment.

What Does a Service Include?

Servicing a forklift typically includes an inspection of all the major components, such as the engine, transmission, and hydraulics. When you have your forklift serviced, it should consist of a thorough cleaning, and any necessary adjustments that need to be made will happen during this process. If any parts need to be replaced, they will be ordered and replaced as required.

Average Cost to Service a Forklift

The average cost of a forklift service is about $1500 to $6000 annually. This doesn’t include repairing damaged parts, just the time to do a routine service. Forklift service costs will vary with factors such as what type of forklift you have, whether battery or diesel. Other factors include the age of your forklift and the level of service it requires.

Is It Time to Service Your Forklift?

It is a good rule of thumb to service your forklift regularly as it extends its lifespan and prevents expensive repairs down the road. Keep track of the service history of your forklift so you can stay on top of any potential issues.

Consult with the manufacturer or a qualified technician to determine how often you should service your specific forklift model. If you are looking to find quality repair services for your forklift, we can help. Contact us today to learn more!