There’s a ninety percent chance that a forklift will be involved in a serious or fatal accident at some point during its useful lifetime. The greatest hazard that a forklift presents is the possibility of it tipping over and crushing a worker. Because of this, it’s crucial that you’re properly trained and that you always check your forklift load. 

One of the most important parts of maintaining an effective work area is practicing proper forklift safety. When you’re using a forklift, you should start by performing some basic checks on the various components of the machine. After you check the different parts, you must then focus on the safety of the load that you’re going to be moving. 

In the rest of this article, we’ll go over some of the most vital safety tips to consider with regard to your forklift load before you even turn on the engine. 

Load Limit and Capacity

Is the load that you’re going to be moving within the acceptable capacity for the equipment that you’ll be using. Make sure that you consult the load capacity data plates that are on the forklift so you know what its maximum capacities are. If you’re ever unsure, check the manual or ask someone.

You should always use a scale or weight gauge to make sure that the load is within a safe weight range. 

Loading Safety

If you’ll be loading any items, you should practice caution on the order picking platform. The platform should have a guardrail so that no falls take place. If you’ll be extending your body over the rail, then you should have a safety harness. 

Balance and Placement

Has your load been placed in a balanced and proper manner on the forklift? If it hasn’t, then you should stop everything and reload.

Balance is extremely important when it comes to operating a forklift. Your load should also be kept around fifteen centimeters from the ground, or as low as possible. 

Assess Your Load Based Upon the Route

Is your load going to fit within the route that you’ll be taking to transport it? Make sure that you adjust the load as needed, or plan a different driving path. 

Pallet Integrity

Are the pallets that your using in good condition and stable? If they aren’t, then you should remove and replace them. 

Is the Area Clear?

Check and make sure that the delivery route is clear of any people and objects so that you can move your load safely. If there are obstacles in your way, you could greatly increase your chances of being in an accident. 

The Importance of Knowing How to Check Your Forklift Load

While operating a forklift can sometimes feel mundane, it also requires plenty of focus and attention to detail. By knowing how to check your forklift load, you’ll be able to greatly reduce your chances of getting into a workplace accident which will help make your work area safer and more productive.

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