So many jobs today require the knowledge and operation of a forklift.

Whether you’re using it for construction or to move large items through a warehouse, forklifts are essential.

Some companies may not even hire you if you don’t have a license.

So, how to obtain a forklift license? Well, we’re here to tell you how!

How To Obtain A Forklift License?

Let’s cut to the chase. To get a forklift license, you need to take a forklift certification class.

There are two routes you can go. You can either take an in-person certification class or an online certification class.

Whichever one you choose is entirely up to you, but in-person certification classes tend to be better because you can get a grasp on the concepts better and if you have any questions they can be answered directly in an in-person class.

Online classes may be more difficult and they also don’t fully comply with OSHA regulation. This could result in you not becoming certified which will be a waste of your time and money.

But once you decide which certification class you’re taking, you can now determine what kind of forklift you’d like to be certified on.

Be sure to see where you are at personally and research the different types of forklifts. It will also help to find out what type of forklift your target job uses.

To do this, simply ask your current employer or the employer of the job you’re looking at applying to, whichever one suits your situation most.


The Four Parts of a Forklift Certification Class

To fully understand the forklift certification class, here’s a breakdown of the four parts of a certification class.

Classroom Lectures

The classroom lectures may be droning, but they’re important. The lectures usually add up to around six hours,

They cover basic forklift safety and general safety training as well as OSHA regulations.

Written Examination

This part is simple. After your lectures, you’ll be given a written exam based on the content you learned.

To pass the test you’ll need about a 75%. This could vary from certification class to certification class, but that is the general passing grade.

Hands-On Training

After you pass your written exam, a forklift trainer will properly train you on the forklift.

The hands-on training is very important as your performance will be rated. Be sure to follow instructions to a tee and do your best!


This is your final step. If you’ve done well with your hands-on training, your trainer should pass you on to your evaluation.

If you complete all these steps, which includes achieving a satisfactory on your hands-on evaluation, you can be certified by your trainer should they see you fit.

Get Certified!

You have no more excuses now!

We’ve told you how to get certified and what your certification class will consist of. Now, all you have to do is get certified.

Here at Superior Industrial Products, we offer the best forklift training and certification whether you’re an employee or an employer.

If you have any questions, go ahead and contact us. Feel free to check out our blog!

We hope to see you at training!