Similar to a ship’s mast, you can recognize a forklift mast by its tall and thin shape. You can find it in the front of the vehicle just above the forks. It is usually made up of multiple sections that interlock with each other and form a kind of conveyor belt. 

This component forms a critical part of the forklift’s functioning. As such, it must be well-maintained by authorized personnel. Read on to learn why it’s important and how to care for your forklift’s mast. 

The Functions of a Forklift Mast

Inside the outer metal shell of the mast are the lifting mechanics, such as hydraulic cylinders and hoses. These are connected to the controls that a forklift operator uses. When he or she lowers or raises a load, the forks move up and down the length of the mast. 

How much or little the forks rise depends on the model of the forklift. There are four stages to the mast, and each gets taller as the numbers rise. It’s important for management to consider how tall their warehouse’s shelves are when they’re thinking about which model to purchase

In addition to the vertical traveling, the mast can also tilt. The various possible mast angles allow an operator to better control the movement of a product. This way, he or she can precisely place a product in the necessary location.

Understanding Load Capacity 

When purchasing forklifts, warehouse managers shouldn’t just consider height. They also need to consider how much a forklift can lift. This measurement is most often referred to as the forklift’s load capacity. 

This number changes depending on forklift types, mast angles, load location, attachments, and so on. Managers looking to purchase a forklift can look at a forklift’s load capacity data plate. They should make sure this doesn’t interfere with safely running their warehouse’s daily operations. 

Once they purchase their forklifts, they must make sure that their workers honor the load capacity as well. If the workers don’t, they’ll risk damaging the forklift and/or causing serious injury to themselves or others. 

Maintenance Considerations

In addition to using the forklift properly, forklift care also includes certain maintenance actions. Trained personnel should inspect the hoses and cylinders inside the forklift mast regularly. When they do, they can make certain that these components haven’t become cut or pinched. 

Greasing the outer metal sections regularly is also important. This keeps the sections from binding together. If this happens, the lifting mechanics can become strained and/or refuse to function. 

Get World Class Forklift Services From Us 

It will take some effort and production time to keep each forklift mast working at its best capacity. This may translate to a fair amount of cost. However, remember that a breakdown will cost you far more. 

If ever you have a breakdown and/or need a new forklift, come to us. As a full-service forklift company, we offer high-quality parts, rentals, and equipment alongside mechanical service. Contact us now for a sales, rental, or maintenance estimate.