Electric forklifts dominate the market. They have many advantages, like less noise, lower weight, and less maintenance. If you need to work in narrow aisles and tight spaces, you need more than just an electric forklift.

You need a Mariotti forklift.

Mariotti is a market leader in compact forklifts. They’ve specialized in small capacity forklifts for more than 30 years.

Learn more about Mariotti forklifts and how they can benefit your operations.

Mariotti Forklift Lines

Mariotti offers four lines of forklifts. Each type features cutting-edge technology to excel in tight spaces both indoors and outdoors. Mariotti forklifts can handle environments including:

  • Narrow gateways and doors
  • Narrow aisles and passages
  • Containers, trailers, and freight cars
  • Low ceilings

The agility and compact size of Mariotti forklifts give you the high-quality performance you need.

ME AC Series

The ME AC line includes three-wheel electric riders. These machines have a capacity from 1,500 lbs to 2,100 lbs. They’re equipped with cushion tires, rear-wheel drive, and AC traction.

Mini AC Series

The Mini AC series includes the smallest electric riders in the world. They’re just 43″ long. Their capacity ranges from 750 lbs to 1,100 lbs.

MX Series

The MX series includes the largest Mariotti forklifts. They have a capacity of up to 3,000 lbs.

Mycros AC Series

The Mycros AC forklifts have rear-wheel, front-wheel, or all-wheel drive. Operators can work with confidence on ramps and slopes with up to a 25% grade. The capacity ranges from 1,500 lbs to 2,300 lbs.

Benefits of a Mariotti Forklift

Mariotti forklifts offer many advantages when you need to work in tight spaces or other tricky conditions. They have a range of features to give you premium performance, safety, and comfort. Compact forklifts from Mariotti can save you time and money.

Excellent Precision and Maneuverability

Mariotti forklifts were the first in their class to have rack and pinion steering. Operators have precision steering at all times. Power steering, an adjustable wheelbase, and an integrated side shift are standard.


Mariotti compact forklifts are highly versatile. They’re designed for multi-purpose use. Some of their applications include:

  • Loading and unloading from trucks, trailers, and containers
  • Handling and stacking in warehouses
  • Transporting in production and processing areas

Mariotti equipment makes your operations more efficient. A single machine can do many tasks.

Lightweight on Demand

Mariotti forklifts are available in super-lightweight configurations. They can operate in delicate locations like:

  • Liftgates
  • Hoists
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Theaters or museums

Mariotti engineers work to optimize the service weight and capacity of their compact forklifts. You have more flexibility for any type of job.

Save Time and Money

Mariotti equipment is reliable with minimal downtime. A Mariotti forklift has reduced maintenance requirements. Servicing your machine is easy and inexpensive.

Mariotti forklifts are energy efficient. They’re designed to minimize energy waste.

The versatility of a Mariotti forklift also saves you money. One forklift can do multiple jobs. Operators don’t need to change equipment.

Your operating times and costs are lower.

New, Used, or Rent for a Mariotti Forklift?

The high quality and reliability of Mariotti forklifts make a new machine a good investment.

You can save money with a pre-owned or lease return forklift. Your Mariotti dealer will ensure you’re getting dependable equipment. Units undergo a thorough inspection and cleaning.

If you have a short-term project, you may want a Mariotti forklift rental. You can find a Mariotti dealer with equipment for rent that meets your needs.

Find Your Next Mariotti Forklift

A Mariotti forklift is a must-have for working in tight spaces. Mariotti forklifts have capabilities from 750 lbs to 3,000 lbs. They give you the precision and versatility you need.

Whether you want to buy new, pre-owned, or rent, Superior Industrial Products is your trusted Mariotti dealer. We’ll help you find the right model for your application.

Contact us for more information and pricing. We look forward to helping your business grow.