Despite how much business we do online, there’s never been a better time to own a warehouse. Businesses need to keep their physical stock ready to ship.

In 2018, there were over 18,000 warehouses in the US. That’s compared to 14,000 in 2007.

Running forklifts is an essential way to keep your warehouse moving. But how do you choose the right forklift company? Read on to learn more.

Look for Certifications

Are they a member of the Industrial Truck Association? Is the forklift company certified by a manufacturer?

If so, this means the company is up to date with the newest machinery. They also know that manufacturer’s whole line.

Matching you up with the right forklift is easy. Which leads us to the next question you should ask.

What Type of Forklift Do They Offer?

Your first consideration should always be the type of forklift the company is offering. If they offer electric forklifts and you want a gas-powered machine? Then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The best things to keep in mind while you’re looking for a forklift company are:

  • the power source of the forklifts
  • load capacity
  • lift height
  • the warehouse size the forklift will work in

These four factors will impact the type of forklift you choose.

Other Available Services

Does the forklift company offer other services beyond leasing forklifts? Specialization is always a good thing. But offering a broader series of options can also help you make a choice.

Knowing you can get several services from the same dealer can save you time and money. You also only have to deal with a single point of contact.

Is Training Available?

You may already have trained operators in your business. But if you’re renting a forklift for the first time, you might not.

Getting warehouse staff trained on the same forklift they’ll be using will make your job much easier.

You’ll also know your staff knows exactly how to operate the machinery you’ve just bought or leased.

If you’ve got experienced operators on your staff? You may be able to choose more complex forklifts than if you had beginners.

Do They Sell or Lease?

If a forklift company offers both options, it’s a good sign that the company knows their field inside out.

They’re also likely to have a more robust repair and maintenance scheme. They need to be able to get a rented forklift out to a new customer when a renting agreement is up.

This also means they’re better placed to offer you the right solution for your business.

Is Maintenance or Aftercare Included?

Whether you buy or rent your forklift, ongoing maintenance plans can save a fortune in repair bills.

Regular services can spot problems before they become expensive to fix. If a problem does crop up, the dealer already knows the machinery, cutting the time it takes to repair issues.

Having a maintenance plan also cuts downtime. You’re proactively planning for routine services. That’s better than losing a forklift from your schedule due to unplanned problems.

Which Forklift Company Will You Choose?

Now you know how to choose the right forklift company. Ask these simple questions to help narrow down which company will give the right service for you.

Check testimonials on their website or reviews on trusted review sites. Word-of-mouth recommendations always help.

Why not check out our testimonials before you choose your next forklift partner?