3-Wheel Stand-up Lift Truck 3,000-5,000lbs

3-Wheel Stand-up Lift Truck 3,000-5,000lbs

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Space-saving design allows the truck to stack and retrieve goods efficiently in narrow aisles and at high lift heights.


1.The stand driving mode is applicable. The step is low for conveniently getting on and off.
2.An anti-fatigue floor mat, generous padding for knees, hip and arms and spacious compartment keep operators comfortable over long shifts.
3.Spacious operator compartment provides a comfortable work environment for the operator.

High Performance

1.Thanks to the advanced front dual-drive AC motor, the traveling performance and the maneuverability are greatly improved as well as the operating efficiency.
2.HANGCHA’s AC hydraulic system provides smooth load handling and precise load placements.
3.With the electric proportional multi-way valve, the energy consumption can be effectively reduced.


1.Cornering speed control automatically slows the forklift’s travel speed while turning to help prevent damage to loads.
2.With the foot-raising type braking pedal, operation is easier.
3.The EPB(Electronic Parking Brake) improves the safety of the truck greatly.
4.With the pedal sensing system, the truck can be driven only if the driver stands on the pedal. After the operator leaves the truck, active braking is initiated to prevent accident.


EPS (Electric Power Steering) promotes precise steering control with minimal effort, without encroaching into the operator compartment.

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