Mining Low Maintenance Motive Battery

Mining Low Maintenance Motive Battery

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Low Maintenance Motive Battery – BS

Available in BS dimensions, this Low Maintenance Motive Battery is ideal for mining applications above ground and underground.

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  • Lead-acid vented batteries with liquid electrolyte Capacity for Mining product range: 440-1050Ah
  • Non-woven tubular sleeving helps to increase productivity while maximising performance
  • Modern tubular design maximises the active lead material and delivers optimised energy
  • The latest separator design delivers increased acid volumes and increases acid circulation
  • Fully insulated terminals
  • Flame retardant container and lid
  • Double pillar design for high discharge rates
  • Compliant with EN60-254 & EN60-254-2, IEC254-1 & IEC254-2


  • Mining locomotives surface
  • Mining locomotives underground