QUASAR ™ Carbon Nano Motive Battery

QUASAR ™ Carbon Nano Motive Battery

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QUASAR ™ batteries deliver increased performance for today’s demand for high performance in energy-demanding applications. Developed by Eternity Technologies, QUASAR ™ utilises industry-leading thin tube positive plate technology along with carbon nanotube technology in the negative plate to deliver high energy density, improved high rate discharge performance with fast charging capability.

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  • Higher energy density resulting in increased performance
  • Extra long running times due to increased capacity
  • Ultra energy efficient due to low resistance
  • Reduced operating temperatures for increased cycle life and battery lifetime
  • Cost savings due to increased efficiency
  • Fast charging from 20 to 100% SOC in 4 hours
  • Suitable for opportunity charging


  • Multi Shift Applications – 24/7
  • VNA Applications
  • Cold Storage Applications
  • Seasonal Activity Peaks
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Manufacturing – charge in application
  • High Parasitic Loads
  • AGV Applications
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